The French discuss the slap to Macron

The French discuss the slap to Macron

French politicians and netizens reacted to the slap in the face of French President Emmanuel Macron.

On Tuesday, June 8, during a visit to the Drome region, an unknown man attacked the French president and hit him in the face.

According to 24, has never been subjected to an attempted attack since he took office as head of the republic. The president was booed and hurled insults, but never tried to use physical force.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex condemned the aggression against the president.

“Through the President of the republic, a blow is aimed at democracy… Democracy is a debate, it is a dialogue, it is a clash of ideas, it is a legitimate expression of disagreement, of course. But in no case can it be violence, verbal aggression, and even more so physical aggression, “ the politician said.
The head of the opposition National Union party, Marine Le Pen, expressed a similar opinion.

“If democratic debates can be violent, they will never tolerate physical violence. I strongly condemn the unacceptable physical aggression against the President of the Republic,” Le Pen wrote on Twitter.

The opinions of ordinary French people about the attack on the president were divided.

A number of readers of Le Figaro were in solidarity with the politicians and declared the unacceptability of physical aggression against the head of state.

“You may not like Macron, but such an act is absolutely unforgivable. In some ways, this is an aggression against all the French, “Amazing and deplorable. You may not like Macron, but you can’t just slap him in the face, just like any other citizen. Such widespread violence will end badly, “ the French wrote in comments to the news about the slap in the face of Macron.

Others found the attacker’s action justified.

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“I could have given him another one. It would be good for him,” “Macron discovers the realities of insecurity in France,” “This is what modern looks like, Mr. Macron,” readers said.

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