The first crew of tourists for the SpaceX flight to the ISS is formed

The first space tourists who will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) on the Crew Dragon of entrepreneur Elon Musk’s corporation SpaceX have signed a contract. This was reported by the American firm Axiom Space on a Twitter account.

The international crew will consist of three private astronauts and the commander, NASA Explorer Astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria. “In other words, the first-ever private crew has been formed to go into orbit,” the entry says. The first flight will take place no earlier than the end of 2021.

In March, Axiom Space agreed with SpaceX to deliver three space tourists to the ISS. It is assumed that the duration of such a tour will be 10 days: two days of flight and eight days of rest at the station.

In July, Space Adventures revealed that the space tourist’s spacewalk will take place in 2023 and will last about 90-100 minutes. This corresponds to one orbit of the ISS around the Earth. Two tourists will go to the ISS on the Soyuz MS spacecraft. One of them, together with a professional Russian cosmonaut, will enter open space from the Russian segment of the ISS.

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