The European Union proposed to reform WHO

The EU countries have adopted a common community position on the reform of the World Health Organization (WHO), including the restructuring of the system of international sanitary warnings and the creation of conditions for conducting independent assessments of the epidemiological situation on the ground. This is stated in the statement issued by the EU Council on Friday.

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“The Council of the EU and representatives of governments of all member countries have expressed their commitment to play a coordinated, active and leading role in the process of comprehensive strengthening of the global health system and WHO, in particular, their capacity to prepare and respond to health emergencies,” the document says. The EU notes that in numerous epidemics, the global community’s expectations for WHO have often outweighed the organization’s real ability and ability to support its member countries in strengthening the reliability of their health systems.“

The EU Council has formulated four main directions for reforming the structure and work of WHO, on which the states of the community intend to work.

First, EU countries propose “to revise the WHO warning system for international health emergencies in order to create a multilevel warning system for emergencies of international importance with different levels of threat.”

Second, to introduce clear conceptual distinctions “in matters of restricting movement and trade” in order to avoid excessive economic damage from quarantine measures.

Third, empower the organization to “conduct independent assessments of the epidemiological situation in risk areas on the ground in close cooperation with local government agencies.”

Fourth, increase transparency in the implementation of the International Health Regulations by states.”

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