The EU published an epidemiological map for tourists

The map reflects the situation with the  and is designed to help tourists navigate the rules when crossing borders.

The European Union has created a map of dividing the Schengen countries into colored zones according to the situation with the coronavirus, which will serve as a reference point for government decisions on border crossing restrictions. The map was posted by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control on Twitter.

Most of the countries of Western and Central-Eastern Europe fell into the red zone entirely.

Most of Italy, about half of Greece, Cyprus, most of Germany, the Baltic countries, Denmark, Sweden and small parts of Finland, Norway, Spain, Bulgaria were recognized as yellow.

And the greenest were and Norway. The green zone also includes part of the territory of Greece, Germany and Italy.

Earlier it was reported that the EU will abandon general and border closures. Instead, the regions will be divided into three types according to the level of infection and the rules for crossing borders will be introduced.

Later it became known that the EU was introducing a unified system of movement in the Schengen area for the period of a pandemic.

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