The EU is preparing sanctions against Turkey

According to the source, French leader offered to re-assess the situation with Turkey in the framework of the next meeting of the European Council, scheduled for June.

Clement Bon, who holds the post of Secretary of State at the French Foreign Ministry, reported on the package of measures prepared by the European Union, including sanctions against Turkey. He said that the decision on their introduction will be announced on the condition that Ankara will demonstrate an aggressive position.

“We don’t want an escalation, but we are protecting our interests. It is up to Turkey to say whether it is ready to send signals of de-escalation. You mentioned a number of situations where this influence (of Turkey) manifests itself — the Eastern Mediterranean, Libya, Syria. And we have seen other operations around the Caucasus in recent weeks, “ Bon said in a statement in response to questions from National Assembly deputies.

According to the Secretary of State, Turkey needs to decide what position it plans to adhere to in the future. It is after Turkey gives a signal about what position it has chosen for itself that a response will be prepared from Europe. “We have prepared a number of measures, including sanctions, which can be applied if necessary,” Bohn said.

At the same time, he noted that positive signals have been observed from Turkey over the past period of time. As an example, Bon cited the decision to withdraw Turkish vessels from the territorial waters of and Turkey, the resumption of dialogue with Greece, which occurred for the first time in 5 years, as well as the planned negotiations on Cyprus. He stated that the points he mentioned are considered positive signals. However, as Bon clarified, there are also aggravations that are associated with the adoption of a number of specific decisions.

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