The EU banned the sale of single-use plastic goods

The EU banned the sale of single-use plastic goods

From today, it is forbidden to sell disposable plastic dishes in the European Union — entrepreneurs must switch to glass or metal

Today, it is completely prohibited to sell disposable plastic products in countries. The corresponding EU directive on the prohibition of plastic tableware was adopted in 2019.

This is reported by DW.

The ban applies to disposable spoons, forks, knives, plates, drinking straws, cotton swabs, stirring sticks, and holding inflatable balloons. Also, it is no longer possible to sell disposable containers for food and drinks made of styrofoam. Entrepreneurs should now switch to alternatives made of glass and metal.

In addition, plates and other dishes made of biologically based plastic or biodegradable plastic are prohibited for sale. The rules also apply to disposable tableware made of paper containing a plastic layer or covered with a plastic film.

At the same time, disposable products remaining in warehouses are allowed to be sold. The German Trade Association proceeds from the fact that we are talking about “an even large number” of the remains of unrealized disposable plastic, but they do not undertake to name exact data on the volumes.

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