The EU announced the decision of the century with respect to Russia

The head of diplomacy, Josep Borrell, at a meeting of the European Parliament announced the upcoming decision of the century with respect to Russia.

Borrell stressed that Brussels is at a “historic crossroads” in with Moscow, and he has to choose between cooperation and confrontation. “The choices we make will determine the international dynamics of power in this century. Will the move towards a more cooperative or more polarized model in with Russia, will it be based on open or closed societies, ” he said, adding that the fateful decision will be discussed at the meeting of EU foreign ministers on February 22, as well as in March EU summit.

At the same time, the diplomat expressed the opinion that Brussels should avoid long-term confrontation with Moscow and provide support for Russian civil society.

Earlier, Borrell allowed the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. He indicated that he can exercise his right and come up with an initiative to introduce new restrictions.

On February 7, Borrell noted the distance between and the EU. He explained that he came to this conclusion after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and “a message from the Russian authorities during this visit.” In his opinion, Moscow does not want to use the opportunity for a more constructive dialogue.

The Russian Foreign Ministry was surprised by the words of the diplomat and noticed that Borrell’s assessment of the results of the visit to Moscow contrasts with his own words said in Russia.

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