The Czech Republic has extended the state of emergency

The Czech government decided to extend the state of emergency for another 30 days and imposed a number of strict restrictions due to the severe epidemiological situation.

This is reported by Novinky.

The decision, which was announced late on Friday, provides for the extension of the state of emergency until March 28.

According to the new rules, from March 1, are mandatory in the open air, regardless of whether it is possible to maintain a distance from other people or not. The exception applies only if the person is alone.

will also be mandatory in the workplace. The only exceptions are the people who are in the room themselves. They must be worn in shops, institutions and in transport.

From Monday, schools, kindergartens and children’s groups will be closed, except for those attended by children of medical workers.

Within a month, there is a ban on movement between regions, it is not allowed to travel outside the area where the person is registered, except for a few exceptional reasons.

Walking dogs at night is only possible within a radius of 500 meters from the house.

Some stores that were still allowed to operate are being closed, such as stationery stores, shoe stores, or gun stores.

The Government extended the state of emergency by its own decision, which the Senate allowed it to do. Parliament earlier in the day refused to approve the emergency plan, despite the Prime Minister’s call to support the request due to the threat of a complete collapse of the health system.

The last week in the country every day the number of new infections on average is 3000 more than a week ago. The average incidence rate is 761 per 1000 population, in some areas the rate exceeds 1000.

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