The Czech Republic canceled curfew

Since Thursday, the Czech authorities have significantly eased social restrictions in force in the republic due to the  epidemic. Subject to increased sanitary and epidemiological measures in a limited mode, restaurants, and other catering establishments, shops, and enterprises providing commercial services to the population will resume work from today. The ban on the free movement of citizens, which was in force in the country from 23:00 to 05:00 local time, is canceled.

The decision to loosen the restrictions was made on November 29 by the Czech government, taking into account the trend that has emerged in the last days of the week towards an improvement in the epidemiological situation in the republic, while the daily increase in the number of coronaviruses infected is decreasing. The level of the epidemiological threat in the country has been lowered to the third out of five possible.

The easing of social restrictions in Prague is associated with the desire of the authorities to create a more comfortable environment for the inhabitants of the republic for the upcoming holidays at the end of December. Therefore, in particular, public events with the participation of up to 50 citizens on the streets and up to 10 people on the premises were allowed. Until now, meetings with a maximum of six participants have been possible in the country.

Since Thursday, the obligation to transfer employees of government and commercial organizations to a remote mode of work has moved into the category of recommendations. At the same time, the government recommended that the heads of institutions and firms maintain the current practice.

Museums and art galleries will reopen on Thursday. At the same time, their halls can be filled only by one-quarter of the admissible number of visitors. It is assumed the possibility of excursions around the premises of these facilities with the participation of up to 10 people, subject to the necessary social distance, which prevents the transfer of coronavirus.

Czech theaters and cinemas will remain closed for now, and sporting events will be held without fans. On Thursday, indoor stadiums start training in individual sports with no more than 10 people at the same time. In the open air, it will be possible to train in groups of two athletes.

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