The car drove into a crowd in Germany

The car drove into a crowd in the German city of Kempen near Dusseldorf, one person was killed. Reported by Bild.

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According to some media reports, the deceased was a child. It is known that three were injured, they were taken from the scene by helicopter. The reasons for the accident have not yet been named, but at the moment there is no evidence of an intentional hit.

On October 29, three people were killed in a in Nice, France. The attack was carried out by a man with a knife in the church of Notre Dame de Nys. One woman was reportedly beheaded. According to updated information, the throats of the two victims were cut, but the attacker did not completely decapitate them.

It is alleged that he had not previously come to the attention of the police, but at the same time had connections with an international terrorist organization. It is known that the killer shouted “Allahu akbar!” and continued to repeat these words even after he was arrested. The Mayor of Nice considered the attack a terrorist act and a manifestation of “Islamofascism”. He announced the arrest of the attacker and thanked the police officers for their prompt action.

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