The Bundestag assessed the risk of stopping the Nord Stream 2

The Bundestag assessed the risk of stopping the Nord Stream 2

The failure of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project due to the filing of a lawsuit by environmentalists of the Union for the Protection of Nature does not seem real. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday, May 4, by the chairman of the German Bundestag Committee on and Energy, Klaus Ernst.

Ernst confirmed that the lawsuit filed in the administrative court has a suspensive effect, which means that it can slow down further construction.

However, the politician considered unrealistic the option in which the complaint can prevent the completion of the construction of the pipeline. Ernst recalled that the Nord Stream 2 project was approved “by all the competent authorities and thus complies with the legislation.”

Earlier it became known that the non-governmental environmental organization “Union for the Protection of Nature” (NABU) filed a lawsuit in the administrative court of Hamburg over the issuance of a permit by the Federal Office for Shipping and Hydrography. The lawsuit refers to “an unfinished section of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the exclusive economic zone of Germany.”

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