The best countries where to survive the pandemic are named

The best countries where to survive the pandemic are named

Bloomberg analyzed how countries are containing the spread of the virus and how quickly the population is vaccinated.

Singapore was recognized as the best country to live in during the  pandemic. This is stated in the Bloomberg Covid Resilience Ranking on Tuesday, April 27.

Previously, New Zealand was the leader. Both countries keep the spread of the virus low enough to bring citizens’ lives back to normal, but a vaccination campaign has been taking place in Singapore lately.

“Singapore has already introduced the equivalent of a fifth of the country’s population. Countries such as New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan are lagging behind in this aspect of the virus pandemic,” the report said.

Several other countries fell in their  resistance ratings despite rising vaccination rates. Restrictions have been eased in Poland and Canada, leading to an increase in infections with mutated strains of COVID-19.

TOP-10 rating looks like this:

New Zealand;
South Korea;
United Arab Emirates;
Hong Kong.

In turn, the USA was in 17th place, Russia — in 22nd.

Note that the resistance rating is updated every month. Indicators are taken into accounts such as the number of new infections and deaths, the rate of vaccination, the mobility of society, the human development index, and GDP. The list includes 52 countries whose GDP before the pandemic exceeded $200 billion.

Recall that earlier the number of  infections in the world exceeded 147 million. Countries with over 10 million cases of COVID-19 infection include the United States, India, and Brazil.

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