Thandie Newton regained her name after a fatal mistake

“I’m taking what’s rightfully mine.”

The 48-year-old actress graced the cover of British Vogue and in an interview said that all this time people mispronounced her name. The star of the TV series “Wild West World” is known around the world as Thandie Newton, but this is not quite true. At the very beginning of her career, someone carelessly missed the last syllable, distorting the true name —Thandiwe.

“That’s my name. That’s what I’ve always been called. I’m taking what’s rightfully mine, “ Newton said in an interview.

She explained that the mistake crept into the credits of her first film, the Australian drama Flirt, starring Nicole Kidman and Noah Taylor. Interestingly, the actress plays a heroine with the same name and it is indicated everywhere correctly. Whether this was done intentionally is not specified.

As noted by Vogue, “Thandiwe” means “beloved” in the Shona language, common in Zimbabwe, where the actress’s mother grew up. Henceforth, the nominee for the Golden Globe will be addressed in this way.

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