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Presents the most expensive iPhone in the Apple lineup

Apple introduced a new line of smartphones, which, among other things, included the iPhone 12 Pro. The recording of the online event, where the announcement was made, is available on the company’s website.

The top devices of the series differ from the basic ones in the presence of a larger display, triple camera, and a large set of RAM. Model iPhone 12 Pro received a 6.1-inch screen, iPhone 12 Pro Max received a 6.7-inch OLED screen. The size remained the same as last year’s models by reducing the frame.

On the back of the device block of three cameras, flash and LiDAR. The device will come in four colors — steel, black, gold, and blue.

U.S. Army testing smart glasses for service dogs

The U.S. military is testing augmented reality glasses for service dogs used in hostilities. It is reported that such a device will provide an opportunity to give commands from a distance. What new opportunities will open up for four-legged soldiers, as well as what other animals will be “called up” to serve in different countries around the world — in our material.

Especially for military dogs serving in the U.S. Army, were invented augmented reality glasses (AR), reports the BBC. This technology, which is called Command Sight, allows a person to give commands to a dog at a considerable distance from it. Service dogs working in a war environment can conduct reconnaissance or search for explosives on their own, but they need a movie therapist to guide them in the event of a dangerous situation.

Currently, human contact with a dog is made by hand signals or laser pointer, but both methods require an instructor to be in proximity to the animal. If AR glasses pass all the tests successfully and are widely used, the distance is no longer a problem.

With the glasses on his face, the dog sees a visual indicator that he will follow to get to the specified point. The filmmaker, in turn, will see the same thing as his ward sees.

“AR will be used to give commands and signals to dogs; a dog cannot interact with this technology the way a human does,” says Dr. Stephen Lee, a senior researcher at the Army Research Laboratory. He added that the entire military film community is “excited about the potential of this research.

Glasses worn on service dogs are not known to be new — they are used as protection or when visibility is poor, but the addition of augmented reality technology is the latest development.

Colleague Stephen Lee of the Royal Joint Institute for Defence Studies Justin Bronk agrees that the idea of AR glasses on dogs may seem like “crazy fun”, but in fact its usefulness is obvious.

“The ability to guide dogs with visual signals through augmented reality glasses without the need to maintain close physical proximity has obvious tactical advantages in various situations,” Bronck said.

Meanwhile, the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of different countries use not only dogs but also other animals as assistants to humans. For example, the Dutch police used specially trained eagles to throw themselves at “hostile” drones and grab the propeller with their claws, disabling them. At the same time, the trainers assured that the eagles perceived the drones as prey, and therefore do not attack other birds or people when it is necessary to release them.

In addition, the eagle does not need an operator who will control its work — the predator has enough of his hunting instinct to shoot down the drone.

At the end of 2017, it became known that the Netherlands decided to abandon the program because of the cost and complexity of training eagles. In the U.S., however, were interested in this experiment and began to study the behavior and hunting tactics of other winged predators — falcons. The U.S. Army believes that the data collected will help develop a protective system against drones, which will be as effective against flying targets as a live falcon.

In addition, the Israeli army for many years, along with people served llamas — they delivered weapons and ammunition right on the battlefield, being able to carry up to 60 kg of cargo. For several years, the authorities decided to replace most of the lamas with modern robots that have an increased carrying capacity.

Twitter imposed additional restrictions ahead of the US elections

The leadership of the American company Twitter, which owns the social network of the same name, has tightened its policy on disinformation ahead of the US presidential election. The corresponding statement was published on Friday on the company’s website.

The leadership of the social network will prohibit Twitter users, including those directly related to the elections, from proclaiming the victory of one or another candidate until such time as this is announced in official sources or authoritative media. Messages with unconfirmed data will be marked accordingly.

Tweets that, in the opinion of the security services of the social network, will contain attempts to interfere, including with the use of violence, in the voting and counting process will be removed from the platform. In addition, Twitter management will temporarily freeze the ability to “like”, “retweet” and respond to publications of politicians and users with at least 100 thousand subscribers.

In September, Facebook and Twitter agreed to fight possible attempts to influence the US electoral process on the platforms of the same name social networks. We are talking about suppressing attempts to use these platforms to post information about the elections from unconfirmed sources, as well as the commission of cyber attacks on campaign headquarters and other structures associated with the electoral process.

The next US general elections will be held on November 3. Democratic candidate Joseph Biden and the current head of state, Republican Donald Trump, are running for the presidency. There will also be elected a vice president, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate of Congress, governors of 13 states and territories.

Apple announced the date of the possible presence of the new iPhone

The American company Apple has named the date of the possible presence of the new generation of iPhone.

For example, the company announced a special event to be held next Tuesday, October 13th. The event will be streamed from Apple’s California headquarters.

It is expected that the developers will present new models of smartphones iPhone 12.

Earlier on September 15, Apple has already presented new Apple Watch models, as well as updated iPad and iPad Air tablets.

Better planets found than Earth

Astrobiologists at Washington State University have discovered several dozen planets with better living conditions than on Earth. The research results are presented in an article published in the journal Astrobiology.

Scientists have detailed the characteristics of super-habitable planets that are older, slightly larger, warmer, and more humid than Earth. They revolve around stars that are not very active and have a longer lifespan than the Sun. All candidate planets that satisfy at least one condition are more than a hundred light-years away, but future observations with the James Webb Space Telescope, which will be launched in the fall of 2021, will help confirm their status.

To search for suitable exoplanets, the researchers limited their search to systems with Earth-like planets located within the habitable zone of their stars, where liquid water could exist. The stars themselves belonged to cold G and K stars, which are not as hot as the Sun, less massive and less bright. The lifespan of K stars reaches 20-70 billion years. At the same time, the planets cannot be too old, otherwise, they will not be able to maintain conditions for living organisms due to the lack of geological activity and protective geomagnetic fields. According to researchers, the optimal age is 5-8 billion years.

Those planets that are 10 percent larger than Earth should be more habitable. In their bowels, radioactive decay takes longer, so they retain internal heat for a longer time. They also have stronger gravity, which means they hold the atmosphere longer.

Among 24 candidates, scientists have identified a planet that has four of the criteria specified by astrobiologists, which, perhaps, makes it more comfortable for the existence of life than Earth.