Taliban appoints new Afghan ambassador to the UN

Taliban appoints new Afghan ambassador to the UN

The Taliban have approached the expressing their intention to address the high-level week of the General Assembly and sent Mohammad Sohail Shaheen for approval as Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative to the organization. This was announced on Tuesday by Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the secretary-general of the world organization.

“On September 20, the secretary-general received a letter titled “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” signed by “Amir Khan Mottaki” as “foreign minister,” requesting to attend the “76th session of the General Assembly September 21-27.” The letter also indicated that as of Aug. 15, [Afghan President] “Ashraf Ghani has resigned and is no longer recognized as president,” Dujarric said.

“The letter also indicated that [Afghanistan’s] permanent representative to the United Nations no longer represents Afghanistan. Mohammad Sohail Shaheen is nominated to be the new post-holder,” the secretary general’s spokesman said.

The Taliban’s request for the post-officer nominee to the U.N. has been forwarded to the accreditation committee.

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