Taiwan will purchase $1.8 billion worth of missiles from the US

Taiwan will also be able to purchase 11 highly mobile Himars multiple launch rocket systems.

The U.S. administration approved the sale of 135 Slam-ER coastal defense cruise missiles to Taiwan, which have enough range to reach China. This was reported by Le Figaro on Thursday, October 22.

The deal is valued at $1 billion. In addition, the United States also decided to sell tactical missile launchers to Taiwan for $436 million and air reconnaissance equipment for $367 million.

As a result, the total amount of approved transactions exceeded $1.8 billion. Taiwan will also be able to purchase 11 highly mobile Himars artillery missile systems, as well as six MS-110 reconnaissance modules for Taiwan’s aviation reconnaissance.

Air-to-ground missile Slam-ER has a maximum range of 270 km, which exceeds the width of the Taiwan Strait separating the island from China.

The Administration of President in recent years increased arms sales to Taiwan, recently concluded a major contract for the sale of 66 new-generation F-16 fighters, with the ability to expand the supply of 90 aircraft.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. authorities intend to sell various weapons to Taiwan for $7 billion to strengthen its defense.

This deal will be the second largest after last year’s to provide Washington Taipei with an $8 billion shipment of weapons.

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