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Cataclysms hit the world: the USA falls asleep with snow, and Australia suffers from drought

The world is covered with natural disasters — the USA is covered with snow, France is drowned by downpours, and in Australia, drought is destroying forests.

New Jersey has the largest rainfall in the past 122 years. People are barely clearing snow from their yards. They don’t even risk going out on the roads — it’s too dangerous.

Actually, like walking. After all, the air temperature is dropping, and ice has already formed under a meter-long layer of snow.

And France continues to be flooded with rains. As a result, the commune of Marmande, located in the south-west of the country, goes underwater. Hundreds of square kilometers of land have already been flooded there.

Residents of villages and towns are preparing for the evacuation. And meteorologists warn that the rains will not stop in the coming days.

At the same time, Australia is suffering from a drought that has resulted in massive wildfires. At the same time, warm weather and strong winds only increase the area of fires. As a result of the rampant elements, several dozen residential buildings have already been burned down. Fortunately, people in a hurry managed to leave them.

As previously reported, the country’s most active volcano erupted in Indonesia — Mount Merapi erupted from itself a cloud of volcanic ash and a lava flow, which flowed about 1600 meters down the slope.

We also wrote that even the warm regions of the planet were abnormally cold. Snow fell recently in the Sahara, Istanbul, and Kashmir were also covered with snow.

Snowfalls block roads in Switzerland and Austria, avalanche danger declared

Snowfalls have led to road closures and avalanche danger in Austria and Switzerland.

It is reported by agency AR.

Swiss authorities have warned of a high risk of avalanches in mountainous areas after heavy snowfall in recent days.

In Zurich, the public transport company stopped all streetcar and bus services Friday, saying snow had fallen trees and blocked access to three depots.

Up to 80 centimeters of snow fell in some eastern Swiss regions in 24 hours. Parts of the Goms valley on the border with Italy were cut off from the world because of blocked roads.

Many roads were also closed due to the danger of avalanches or fallen trees in the western Austrian region of Tyrol.

In the Vorarlberg region, about 7,400 households were left without power as a result of the blackout. The Austrian railway company OBB reported that several train routes were disrupted by the snow.

Three people died in Spain because of a snowstorm

In most of the country now snowfalls and strong winds. In some regions, classes in schools have been canceled. Many residents were left without electricity, heat, and water.

A blizzard has hit Spain, killing three people. It is the worst storm in half a century, Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska said.

“It is with regret that [we have to report] three deaths,” the interior minister said. He added that two people died in the autonomous community of Andalucia, one in the autonomous community of Madrid.

According to the Andalusian emergency services, a woman died after her vehicle was swept away by a river current between the towns of Fuengirola and Mijas. Later, the body of a man who was in the same car was found.

A total of the region because of the elements recorded more than 600 incidents.

We wrote that Madrid was covered by the largest snowfalls in a decade. The height of the snow cover has already reached 60 centimeters in the Spanish capital.

The Mayor of the capital Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida urged citizens not to go out on the streets. The Autonomous Communities of Madrid and Castile-La Mancha canceled classes on January 11 and 12 in educational institutions. In Madrid, some homes were left without water, electricity, and heating due to problems caused by the snowfall.