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Interpol rescued about 500 victims of human trafficking

As part of the operation, almost 200 attackers were detained. 24 countries participated in the special operation.

During the operation of the Century, provided by Interpol, about 500 victims of human trafficking, including children, were rescued. This was reported by Interpol on Friday, April 9.

“Operation Century, which means Stop in Swahili, was conducted from March 28 to April 2<…> and led to the detention of 195 people, of whom 88 [were detained] on charges of human trafficking, and another 63 — of illegal transportation of people. The remaining arrests were made on other charges, such as forgery, theft, drug-related crimes, and environmental crimes, “ the report said.

The operation involved 24 countries: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Brazil, Cape Verde, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Malawi, Morocco, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe.

“Operation Century has once again demonstrated how closely related migrant smuggling and human trafficking are, especially in the context of a global health crisis, when the most vulnerable people are desperate to avoid difficulties, and criminal networks are simply seeking to make a profit,” Interpol added.

In Spain, because of fake messages, thousands of people came to the vaccination center

More than four thousand people without an appointment came to the vaccination center in Seville, Spain, because of a fake spread in the WhatsApp messenger that everyone can get vaccinated against the coronavirus, the ABC newspaper reports.

In the afternoon, the regional government of Andalusia warned on Twitter that the messages distributed on WhatsApp contain false information.

However, earlier in the morning, a crowd of people gathered outside the vaccination center. Two thousand people waited for their legal turn to be vaccinated on Thursday, mostly all over 80 years old — they were notified from the Ministry of Health about the need to visit the center on this day. About four thousand more people came without an invitation, believing the rumor in WhatsApp.

As the government told the publication, such a crowd of people prevented an orderly vaccination process.

Sources told the newspaper that lawyers for the Andalusian health service have filed a complaint with the national police. The complaint pointed out that this is not the first time that such rumors are spreading in Spain, and it is necessary to find out who is behind the fakes.

A resident of Athens died half an hour after the AstraZeneca vaccine

A 64-year-old resident of Athens died half an hour after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca, the Greek newspaper Proto Tema reports.

The woman was vaccinated in the clinic and then spent another 15 minutes there, as prescribed by the rules. About half an hour later, she was found unconscious in a nearby park. Medical workers tried to treat her on the spot but to no avail.

The National Vaccination Committee said there was no link between the woman’s death and vaccination. It is noted that the deceased suffered from chronic diseases.

Greek doctors also note that cases of thrombosis after the AstraZeneca vaccination were recorded 7-14 days after the introduction of the vaccine.

After the information about the formation of blood clots in patients vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and several fatal cases, European countries began to massively abandon this vaccine.

Vaccination with the drug has been suspended in 24 countries, including Lithuania, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Cyprus, Sweden, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway.

In Moldova, a scandal broke out over the extraordinary COVID vaccination of officials

In Moldova, during the “VIP-vaccination”, employees of district executive committees were vaccinated. They allegedly paid 200-300 euros for the Pfizer vaccination.

In Moldova, a scandal erupts over reports about the vaccination of officials out of turn. At the same time, the campaign to vaccinate health workers is delayed, writes NewsMaker.

The leader of the Party of Change Stefan Gligor in a social network, citing his sources, said that in some areas, “VIP vaccination” is allegedly taking place. Out of turn, Pfizer injections are given to district councilors from the Party of Socialists of ex-President Igor Dodon and their close associates.

According to Gligor, 200 doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine were delivered to the Edinet district last week.

“Of these, 100 were taken by the district council and vaccinated all the” bosses “-socialists, 40 doses were given for the,” said”, and 60 vaccines were left to doctors, who are now very outraged, “ Gligor quoted his source as saying.

Alla Nemerenko, adviser to the President of Moldova Maia Sandu on health issues, responded to this message. She confirmed that doctors who have signed up for vaccination complain to her, who cannot get vaccinated because the vaccines are allegedly given to “ other people for fraud or for money.”

Nesterenko added that the unofficial fee for the injection of Pfizer is, according to her information, 200-300 euros.

The head of the council of the Edinetsky district, a member of the Party of Socialists Nikolai Melnik confirmed that he was aware of the facts of vaccination without waiting lists — these are “employees of the district executive committee, council members from other parties or non-party, other mayors.”

The Ministry of Health of Moldova does not know about this situation.

Earlier, a scandal over-vaccination broke out in Spain. The king’s sisters were vaccinated without waiting in line during their trip to the UAE, where they visited their father.

Also, a scandal over illegal vaccinations of celebrities from COVID thundered in Poland. There, individuals received the vaccine under the guise of “ non-medical personnel working in the hospital.” The medical center faces a fine of about 67 thousand dollars.

The chaos of anti-coronavirus measures: discontent of the population is growing

Most European governments do not want to overshadow the lives of citizens by introducing even stricter anti-epidemic measures and lockdowns, but they see no other way to stop the growing number of covid infections. In this regard, it is especially important that the rules introduced are logical and understandable — and here, according to the press, much still leaves much to be desired.

There are contradictions and double morals everywhere

Diena edition is beside itself:

“The decision of the authorities to give the go-ahead for the music award ceremony is very cynical, while the law prohibits citizens from visiting their parents, relatives, and friends. For example, according to the regulations, it is not allowed to help a neighbor — and give her a ride to the store in the car, even if both of you are wearing masks. At the same time, no one prohibited the use of public transport, in which dozens of people from different households collide in the immediate vicinity. … We are asked to go to the shops alone. At the same time, one of the country’s top epidemiologists admits that while his wife is in the store, he himself takes “incriminating photos” on the street, which he later uses as examples of social irresponsibility. And no one asks the epidemiologist why he went to the store along with his wife.”

It’s high time to close the factories too

Journalist Christian Vangeli, on the pages of the portal Zeit Online, criticizes the fact that the industry is still largely shielded from radical measures:

“Is our meat processing industry a system-forming one? Or the auto industry? Yes, it will cost us a pretty penny to send the production to lockdown for a few weeks. But money is not the most important issue in the era of low-interest rate policies. The most serious of the problems is the endless lockdown that leads to bankruptcy and destroys the foundations of people’s existence and in a variety of areas. … Basic citizens rights, children, culture, mental health: all of this has been relegated to the background in the face of the pandemic. But the idea of limiting the pendulum migration, that is, travel to and from work, as well as for some period to close factories and factories is still considered something left-wing.”

Stay at home, do not disturb the tourists!

During the Easter holidays, residents of Spain will be mostly banned from traveling around the country, but tourists from abroad are allowed to enter the country. And the tiptoe on the tongue of the one who will say that tourism is more important to the authorities than the well-being of their own citizens is sarcastic on the pages eldiario.es Isaac Rosa:

“To hold such an opinion is the same as to claim that the major infrastructure projects implemented in the country over the past decades — airports, high-speed railways, highways-were carried out not for the benefit of its residents, but to facilitate the movement of the masses of tourists. … To think so is madness. The concreted coast, construction projects instead of natural landscapes, expanding urbanization, new golf courses, the use of water and other resources, and so on — is all this really intended to serve tourism, and not to improve the quality of life of the citizens of the country?”