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Britain almost reaches collective immunity from coronavirus

The UK will achieve collective immunity from the coronavirus in the coming days-but under current security measures.

According to SkyNews, this was stated by scientists at University College London.

The real-time simulations they are running indicate that very soon on April 12-the percentage of people in Britain already protected from the virus through vaccination or a previous illness or innate immunity will reach 73.4%.

It is believed that this indicator is already sufficient for collective immunity, and the disease will begin to recede.

“It’s like a chain reaction. If the virus is not able to spread from one person to another, it simply “dies out”, — says Professor Carl Fryston.

However, according to him, it is still too early to relax vigilance and speed up the exit from quarantine at this stage.

“This is just another significant stage, a reflection of the fact that things are going as planned. And this suggests that it is unlikely that there will be an increase in the number of hospitalizations or deaths again after the summer or autumn, “ said Carl Fryston. “But this does not mean that we can suddenly change the approach to “opening up” the country and maintaining distance.”

He explained that the threshold of collective immunity depends, among other things, on the risk of spreading the virus, and the risks depend on security measures, such as maintaining a distance.

If people abruptly return to the life they were accustomed to before the pandemic, the risks of transmission of the virus will rise again and the threshold required for collective immunity will be higher.

“Therefore, it is necessary to remove the restrictions very gradually, depending on the situation… This is a process for weeks and months, “ the professor said.

In Britain, almost 32 million people have already received the first dose of the vaccine. This is more than half of the adult population of the country. 6 million people have already been vaccinated with both doses.

It is worth noting that while the next” wave “ of the epidemic began in all European countries in early spring, in Britain, after the peak in January, the daily increase in infections is steadily decreasing.

In March, the country usually registered about 6,000 cases. Since the beginning of April, almost all indicators are less than 4 thousand.

Lexus with the President of Latvia was in an accident in Riga

The car of the President of Latvia Egils Levits was involved in an accident at an intersection in Riga. The Lexus LS of the head of state crashed into the car of his security.

As a result of sudden braking, there was a small collision between a Lexus and a Volkswagen Touareg, in which the president’s security was located. No one was injured in the accident, which didn’t even affect the politician’s schedule.

Arrested Italian officer had limited access to NATO secrets

Italian soldier Walter Biot, who was arrested for spying for Russia, had limited access to classified information about NATO activities.

This was stated by Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini at a meeting of the parliamentary defense committee, ANSA reports.

“The officer held a position that allowed him to view classified material, but his duties, which did not include command or management activities, allowed him to access evaluation documents and recommendations, but not to direct operations or details of national and NATO capabilities,” Guerini said.

He noted that the Ministry of Defense has not yet received access to the case materials and cannot assess the degree of secrecy of the documents handed over by Biot to the employee of the Russian Embassy.

Recall that on April 1, Italian security forces detained Italian and Russian servicemen as part of an investigation into espionage.

The arrests were made immediately after a secret meeting between the two soldiers. Both were arrested at the scene after handing over classified documents by an Italian officer in exchange for a sum of money.

The Russian military was expelled from Italy because he has diplomatic status.

Biot is married and has four children. One of them has serious health problems and needs constant and expensive care. Perhaps this was the reason why the officer decided to sell the information.

The EU has been subjected to a serious cyberattack

A number of European Union bodies, including the European Commission, were subjected to a massive cyberattack last week. This is reported by Bloomberg.

According to the EC representative, the EU institutions faced “an incident in the field of IT security in their IT infrastructure.” Currently, experts are investigating the circumstances of the incident, so there is no final assessment of the nature of the attack yet.

“We work closely with the computer emergency response team for all EU institutions, bodies, and agencies, as well as with the supplier of the affected IT product. So far, no serious information leaks have been found, “ the EC said.

According to an agency source familiar with the situation, the incident turned out to be more serious than normal attacks, so senior EC officials were informed about the incident. This information was confirmed by another representative of the European Union.

According to the agency, at least two serious cyberattacks on Western organizations have been revealed recently.

Earlier, experts named the main cyber threats of 2021. So, attackers can break into home systems, since many companies are still on the remote site.

In Jordan, the coup attempt was exposed

In Jordan, an attempted coup was exposed, in connection with which about 20 people were arrested and placed under house arrest of the former Crown Prince of the kingdom, Hamza bin Hussein, who is suspected of plotting to overthrow King Abdullah II.

This was reported by The Washington Post, citing sources in the Middle East intelligence.

A member of the royal family, Sherif Hassan bin Zayed, and a former adviser to King Abdullah II, former Finance Minister Bassem Awadallah, were also arrested.

The eldest son of the late King Hussein and his fourth wife, Queen Noor Hamza bin Hussein, has been ordered to remain at his palace in Amman while the investigation continues.

The move followed the disclosure of what palace officials called a “complex and far-reaching plot” involving at least one other Jordanian royal court, as well as tribal leaders and security officials in the country.

An intelligence official told the newspaper that additional arrests are expected as the operation continues.

Recall that in February there was a military coup in Myanmar. The military arrested the country’s president, Win Myint, and the head of the ruling National League for Democracy party, Aung San Suu Kyi, who was the country’s de facto leader.

We also reported that the coup attempt was announced by the Haitian authorities-unknown persons allegedly planned an attempt on President Jovenel Moiz.