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Australian Parliament rocked by the sex scandal

A loud scandal in the Australian parliament has hit the whole country. It turned out that male lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Party, as well as their assistants, were engaged in, to put it mildly, obscene things in the offices of female colleagues.

At the same time, they took photos and videos of themselves and exchanged such content in private chats. Now, these materials have got to local journalists who have released a report about it.

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As a result, several members of parliament had to resign, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised to thoroughly investigate the case so that this will never happen again.

Boris Johnson was vaccinated with AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine

Following his French counterpart Jean Castex, who today took the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also given a dose of the drug.

He announced this on the evening of March 19 on his Twitter.

“I just received my first dose of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine,” the prime minister wrote, posting a picture from a hospital chair.

Johnson expressed his gratitude to all the scientists, UK NHS staff, and volunteers who made vaccination possible in Britain.

He called getting the COVID-19 vaccine “the best thing to do to get back to the life we missed so much.”

“Let’s get vaccinated,” the head of the British government called on.

Recall that last year, Boris Johnson was ill with COVID-19 — the coronavirus disease was difficult, the policy even had to be connected to a ventilator. But he could not fail to be vaccinated.

Earlier this month, the vaccine from AstraZeneca got into a scandal — after a number of deaths among immunized people, the drug was suspected of provoking thrombosis, which is why a number of countries suspended its use.

The Vatican rocked by another sex scandal

In the Vatican, a serious scandal broke out related to sexual violence against students of the proseminar, in which priests are accused. On Wednesday, a young Italian man appeared before a tribunal in the Vatican, who revealed shocking evidence of rape, sexual harassment, and use by a Catholic pedophile.

All this took place in an educational institution located in the heart of the capital of the Catholic Church — in the proseminar named after St. Nicholas. Pius X, who trains boys as priests of the Catholic Church in the course of his studies. It was another day of the trial that had been going on since October last year against two Italian priests in connection with their sexual use of pupils in the proseminar, located right on the territory of the Apostolic capital.

The first defendant is 28 — year-old Gabriele Martinelli, who is charged with sexual abuse of a young student, as well as the use of force and threats against him.

These crimes occurred in 2007-2012 when the current priest was the senior coordinator of the activity of the inhabitants of the educational institution and had not yet been ordained. He became a priest in 2017 in the town of Como. Both the criminal and his victim were minors at the time of committing the disgusting acts.

The other accused is the 71 — year-old former rector of the proseminar, Priest Ernesto Radice, who is accused of covering up these acts. He was rector for 12 years.

This is the first trial initiated on charges of sexual crimes on the territory of the Vatican. Therefore, it is clear that it has a huge resonance far beyond its walls.

As we have already written, the students of this church school for future priests not only sit in class but also participate in the liturgical rites in St. Peter’s Cathedral as acolytes, some sing in the boys ‘ choir of the Sistine Chapel during papal services. Many children from devout Catholic families dream of getting there to study for the priesthood.

A key role in the publication of the scandalous case was played by a young Pole, Kamil Ya., who lived in a boarding school for high school students when he was 15 years old, but then he was removed from there. It was he who witnessed the rapes, which he informed the management of the educational institution.

However, they did not believe him at first. He was forced to tell the author of the book, later published in Italy, and also on the air of the RAI television program in 2017. It was these publications that led to a large-scale scandal and the beginning of the investigation in the Vatican.

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The Pole must give new testimony to representatives of the Catholic Themis on March 26.

And on Wednesday, a 30-year-old man, the victim of Priest Martinelli, testified before the tribunal for three hours. He spent six years in the proseminar, which he described as a series of rapes and sexual relations under the coercion of a “guardian” in the room where he lived with his peers, as well as in other areas of the building.

“It was a shock, I felt paralyzed,” a man who had been at the school since 2006 told the Vatican tribunal. “My roommates were either asleep or pretending to be. No one stood up and asked, “What are you doing? “the young Italian admitted.

He said that he told the rector that he was a victim of rape, and in response, he heard threats against him. When the unfortunate young man left the Vatican, he wrote letters to the bishops to whom the proseminar is subordinate but received no response. According to him, the hierarchs ignored the accusations thrown at him and silenced them.

A letter he wrote to Pope Francis in 2017, which was supposed to be handed over, was destroyed. It did not reach the pontiff. Nevertheless, the bitter truth could not be hidden. In addition, Pope Francis has set a course to eradicate this evil in the bosom of the Catholic Church.

Sexual scandals and allegations of pedophilia have flared up outside the Vatican in recent years. However, what happened and has now come to the surface is not only striking in its cynicism but also speaks of the confidence of the people involved in sexual crimes, who bear the rank of holy fathers, in their impunity.

But there is ancient wisdom written in the biblical texts: everything secret becomes clear. This means that the punishment will not pass the criminals.

Sex scandal in the Australian Ministry of Defense has reached a new stage

Minister to pay compensation to the rape victim

The sex scandal that broke out in the Australian Ministry of Defense has received an unexpected continuation. We will remind you that here four women accused the employee of the staff of the Ministry of Defense of sexual crimes. Defence Secretary Linda Reynolds denied the allegations but was forced to give evidence in Parliament. But the day before, she had insulted one of the applicants, calling her a “lying cow”.

According to the Australian military department, now their boss compensates the offended Brittany Higgins for moral damage. The minister must publicly apologize to Higgins, pay her compensation, and pay off the legal costs. In addition, Linda Reynolds is required to make a donation to an anti-sexual assault charity.

Brittany Higgins — the same former employee of the ministry, who after resigning made a statement that she was raped by one of her colleagues directly in the office of Reynolds. The minister was on sick leave at the time. It was there that she called her former subordinate a “lying cow” — this became known to the public.

The Prime Minister of Australia said that he does not accept such behavior from his subordinates. However, he did not demand the dismissal of the Defense Minister. So the Linda Reynolds scandal is over. But the sex crimes scandal in the ministry continues.

Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, was accused of sexual harassment by three women at once. And in Ireland, an investigation has begun against Conor McGregor. The incident probably occurred in December 2018.

Scandal in the Czech Republic: the president was called an imbecile for the PR of the Russian vaccine

Zeman demands to dismiss opponents of simplified legalization of Sputnik V from the Cabinet of Ministers

A scandal erupted in the Czech Republic after President Milos Zeman demanded that Prime Minister Andrej Babis dismiss a number of ministers opposing the simplified legalization of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.

This is reported by Novinky.CZ edition.

According to the head of state, Minister of Health Jan Blatny, Foreign Minister Tomasz Petricek, and head of the State Institute for Drug Control Irena Storova are the biggest obstacles to the import of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine into the Czech Republic.

The president claims that Blatny and Storova are “guilty of people continuing to die” due to their refusal to authorize vaccinations in the Czech Republic with Sputnik V, which, unlike other vaccines in use, has not been approved by the European Medical Agency (EMA) The European Union.

In response, opposition MPs called Zeman’s actions unacceptable and dangerous. According to them, this is lobbying for the Russian vaccine.

The head of the Czech Pirate Party, Ivan Bartosz, recalled that the president does not have the authority to dismiss ministers: “This role does not belong to him, and the voters did not give it to him. The problems with vaccines should be solved by experts, not politicians.

According to the head of the movement of independent mayors STAN Vita Rakusan, Zeman’s statements are dangerous: “It is obvious that the president is lobbying for the Russian vaccine to such an extent that it even threatens the constitutionality of the Czech Republic.”

“The nineties are over,” the chairman of the People’s Party, Marian Yurechka, told Zeman. “It is unacceptable for the president to demand the dismissal of Blatna, who does not meet the interests of Russia and China and rejects the non-standard procedure in the event of a vaccine exclusion.”

And former minister and ex-deputy Miroslav Kalousek urged the Czechs to think better at the next presidential election: “This is not treason, do not worry and do not take it seriously. This is just a statement by a sick old man in a late stage of dementia.”

Prime Minister Babis rejected President Zeman’s call for the dismissal of ministers, noting that personnel changes in the government were not being discussed. He said that now the government has other tasks besides personnel division in the cabinet of ministers.

“We are focusing on vaccination, there are no personnel changes in the government,” the prime minister said.

Recall that it was Zeman who asked Putin to provide the Czech Republic with the Russian vaccine.

We also recall that the decision to purchase Sputnik V turned into a serious political crisis for Slovakia, due to which the government of a neighboring country could collapse.