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Hugh Grant lost $20 million due to an accidental connection

The British actor has barely regained his reputation after a loud juicy scandal. Because of a casual relationship, 60-year-old Hugh Grant almost put an end to his career.

The artist became famous for his roles as incorrigible romantics and conquerors of women’s hearts in comedies and melodramas. However, the reputation of a real gentleman and a movie king in real life was not so impeccable. The infamous fact of Hugh’s biography was told by the popular Hollywood screenwriter Steve Mazur.

“Few people know that the main role in the film “Liar, Liar” was supposed to be played by Hugh Grant. Then he starred in the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. We were negotiating with Grant. Hugh, instead of flying to London to continue filming, stayed in Los Angeles to discuss the details with us, “ Mazur said.

The scandal occurred in the summer of 1995. Hugh decided to relax and have fun before the important negotiations. The police caught the actor at the moment when he was engaged in oral sex with a young black prostitute. And they did it in a car on busy Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. As a result, the British heartthrob was arrested for disorderly conduct. He didn’t make it to the meeting. So the role went to Jim Carrey.

The actor who got the comic characters, pretty tired of it and wanted to change the role. At that time, Jim was offered the role of Dr. Evil in the film “Austin Powers: The Mystery Man”. But there he was promised six million dollars. In the end, he chose “Liar, liar”, asking for a fee of $20 million.

As it turned out, Kerry was right. For this role, he received several prestigious awards and was nominated for a Golden Globe. But Hugh had lost both his job and his money because of a passing affair with a priestess of love. Steve explained that many directors and producers refused to cooperate with Grant for some time. Only with incredible efforts, the British actor managed to restore the tarnished image and start acting again.

Earlier it was reported that the popular artist and inveterate bachelor married the mother of his children Anna Eberstein. Hugh survived a nasty robbery when his car was broken into. The actor gave up on the values and asked to return only the script of the new film. Grant told what prompted him to betray Elizabeth Hurley. It turned out that in this way he was trying to get out of a deep depression.

In Moldova, a scandal broke out over the extraordinary COVID vaccination of officials

In Moldova, during the “VIP-vaccination”, employees of district executive committees were vaccinated. They allegedly paid 200-300 euros for the Pfizer vaccination.

In Moldova, a scandal erupts over reports about the vaccination of officials out of turn. At the same time, the campaign to vaccinate health workers is delayed, writes NewsMaker.

The leader of the Party of Change Stefan Gligor in a social network, citing his sources, said that in some areas, “VIP vaccination” is allegedly taking place. Out of turn, Pfizer injections are given to district councilors from the Party of Socialists of ex-President Igor Dodon and their close associates.

According to Gligor, 200 doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine were delivered to the Edinet district last week.

“Of these, 100 were taken by the district council and vaccinated all the” bosses “-socialists, 40 doses were given for the,” said”, and 60 vaccines were left to doctors, who are now very outraged, “ Gligor quoted his source as saying.

Alla Nemerenko, adviser to the President of Moldova Maia Sandu on health issues, responded to this message. She confirmed that doctors who have signed up for vaccination complain to her, who cannot get vaccinated because the vaccines are allegedly given to “ other people for fraud or for money.”

Nesterenko added that the unofficial fee for the injection of Pfizer is, according to her information, 200-300 euros.

The head of the council of the Edinetsky district, a member of the Party of Socialists Nikolai Melnik confirmed that he was aware of the facts of vaccination without waiting lists — these are “employees of the district executive committee, council members from other parties or non-party, other mayors.”

The Ministry of Health of Moldova does not know about this situation.

Earlier, a scandal over-vaccination broke out in Spain. The king’s sisters were vaccinated without waiting in line during their trip to the UAE, where they visited their father.

Also, a scandal over illegal vaccinations of celebrities from COVID thundered in Poland. There, individuals received the vaccine under the guise of “ non-medical personnel working in the hospital.” The medical center faces a fine of about 67 thousand dollars.

Volkswagen to demand compensation for diesel scandal

The carmaker will seek compensation payments from ex-VW CEO Winterkorn and ex-Audi CEO Stadler. The amount of compensation is still unknown.

German carmaker Volkswagen in connection with the diesel scandal demands compensation from the former head of the concern Martin Winterkorn and the former head of Audi Rupert Stadler. The compensation claims are justified by a violation of the obligations to protect the interests of the concern in accordance with the law on joint-stock companies, the carmaker said on Friday, March 26.

The company explained that the supervisory board of the carmaker has completed an investigation into the causes and responsibility for the diesel scandal, but has not found violations of obligations by other members of the VW board. The amount of compensation required is still unknown.

The VW diesel scandal broke out in September 2015. The carmaker was then forced to admit that some diesel engines were installed with special software that underestimated the indicators for harmful emissions. As a result, VW had to pay multibillion-dollar compensation.

Why did Britain decide to increase the number of nuclear warheads?

This March was marked by a global nuclear scandal.

Britain, known for its reputation as the quietest nuclear state, seems to have decided to change its approach. In the year when the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entered into force and the month of the NPT Review Conference was already set, London suddenly took the initiative to increase its nuclear arsenal.

The Joint Review on Security, Defense, and Foreign Policy officially stated its intention to increase the number of nuclear warheads to 260.

Despite the fact that even with such a 40% increase, the UK still remains at the end of the list of nuclear states in terms of the number of warheads, the trend looks shocking.

In the thirty years since the end of the Cold War, London has consistently followed the path of reducing its nuclear arsenal.

And if in the early 1990s the UK had an arsenal of 500 nuclear warheads, then by 2010 it decided to reduce it to 225, and in the 2020s-to 180 units.

All the more unexpected was the statement about the breaking of such a trend.

This step in the Review is explained by the “changed strategic situation”, which is largely justified by the policy of the Russian Federation. Along with “balancing on the brink of war”, the document lists “political interference, murder, and poisoning, propaganda, and disinformation”, which have long been the tools of Moscow.

London’s decision to build up its nuclear capabilities violates the NPT. This refers to article 6, according to which the nuclear-weapon States “undertake in good faith to negotiate an end to the arms race and… nuclear disarmament”.

In this context, London’s statement that it is committed to continuing on the path of nuclear disarmament and promoting the implementation of the JNR sounds almost mocking.

However, even with the planned build-up of nuclear forces, their modernization, and increased opacity of information about deployed warheads, the UK remains the smallest nuclear state of the official ones, reducing the future gap with France by only 40 warheads.

It seems that Paris is not at all concerned about such a step, because given the current level of defense partnership between the states, the growth of British nuclear power will only free France from unnecessary responsibility for European affairs.

French expert Bruno Tertre defiantly declares that “ now the UK resembles us… An unrepentant and shameless nuclear state that did not hesitate to trumpet an increase in its nuclear arsenal only a few weeks after the entry into force of the NPT.”

In general, France welcomes the situation when the Allies take on greater responsibility.

By the way, the Review recalls that the United Kingdom is one of the two nuclear states (along with the United States) responsible for the security of NATO, which, given the growing strategic challenges associated with the development of new weapons systems, requires greater nuclear capabilities.

Moreover, London declares not only the build-up of nuclear forces, but also the development of the entire range of technical means: cyber, precision weapons, and fifth-generation strike aircraft…

Is this a consequence of Brexit, a bid for leadership in Europe, or just a desire to keep up with the rest of the nuclear five? Or the usual realpolitical-inevitable in the world after 2014, when our eastern neighbor demonstrated to the world the eternal law of the jungle: brute military force is still a key element of politics.

It seems that the British colleagues came to this conclusion after more than five years, but given their initially almost anti-nuclear liberal positions, this speaks volumes.

Probably, even as a certain trend in international relations, which cannot be reversed either by agreements on the destruction of nuclear weapons or by other liberal initiatives.

In France, the trial of IKEA on suspicion of surveillance of staff began

In Versailles on Monday, March 22, the trial of the French representative office of IKEA, as well as 15 individuals, including the former management of the company and four police officers, accused of creating a system of tracking employees and trade unionists, began.

This is reported by RFI.

IKEA France faces up to 3.75 million euros in fines, and some defendants face up to 10 years in prison.

The details of this scandal first became publicly known in 2012, after publications in the satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaine and on the investigative website Mediapart.

During the investigation, a “surveillance system” was discovered, according to the Versailles prosecutor’s office – not only for IKEA employees but also for job candidates. The system operated throughout France, writes France-Presse.

Correspondence between Jean-Francois Paris, former director of security at IKEA France, and Jean-Pierre Furies, head of the private detective agency Eirpace, was passed to the press, as well as to the prosecutor’s office.

According to the prosecution, Paris sent Furies the names, dates of birth, and document numbers of employees or candidates, and Furies ‘company fulfilled the “order” by “punching” these people in a closed police base through the police, four of whom also ended up in the dock.

Thanks to this system, IKEA investigated their bank accounts and even found out the details of their personal lives.

According to Le Monde, the system worked “on an industrial scale”: for example, on November 7, 2008, Fours received a request concerning an IKEA store in Rouen, which had 203 names.

The violation was found in the vast majority of the three dozen French stores, but the ex-directors of three of them will appear in court: in Franconville, Reims, and Avignon, because the statute of limitations has expired in other cases.

IKEA representative Emmanuel Daoud said that it is more about IKEA’s “organizational shortcomings”, and not at all about the deliberate creation of a”surveillance system”.