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Sweden doesn’t want US missiles on its territory

Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hulqvist, in an article published in the Dagens Nyheter newspaper, announced Stockholm’s intention to continue to adhere to military neutrality and not join the North Atlantic Alliance, despite the demands of center-right parties.

“I do not think that the solution to all defense issues in our part of Europe is solved only by membership in NATO,” the Swedish defense minister said.

Earlier in March, the Swedish research agency published data that assesses the military power of the North Atlantic Alliance and its partners. According to their data, compared to Russia, NATO members are poorly prepared for the emergence of a major conflict. Russia will be able to enter the Baltic states in a matter of days, as NATO will be too slow to respond. Russia will have an advantage, because the bloc’s forces are too dispersed, differ in their military capabilities, and their joint training is insufficient.

However, the report said that an armed attack on NATO members, partners, or EU countries by Russia is highly unlikely. However, a serious strategic threat from the West could exacerbate the situation in the region. In other words, Sweden believes that the growing military presence of the United States and NATO at the borders of Russia provokes Moscow to retaliate.

Thus, the US decision to deploy missile defense facilities in Poland and Romania was followed by a response in the form of the transfer of the Iskander missile defense system to the Kaliningrad region. In Sweden, this is well understood, and they do not want to have Russian missiles at their side. However, security in the Scandinavian region does not depend only on Sweden. According to the Swedish defense minister, the possible accession of Sweden to the alliance “will change the situation” for the non-aligned neighboring Finland, a key partner of Stockholm in defense issues. “And Finland has a very long border with Russia.”

Recall that Finland also adheres to the neutral status enshrined in the country’s military doctrine, and Sweden’s accession to NATO will certainly launch a similar process in the neighboring country, which has a long border with Russia.

The involvement of the two Scandinavian countries in NATO will be beneficial only to Washington. At the moment, Sweden and Finland have quite close economic ties and good neighborly relations. In the case of joining the alliance, it will not be limited to military exercises. For example, in same Norway, strategic bombers are already deployed, there is one missile defense facility and another is under construction. The Norwegian Navy is part of the global missile defense system and is equipped with the American Aegis system.

Instead of moving closer to NATO, Stockholm will take the path of modernizing and increasing the capabilities of its own armed forces.

The head of the Ministry of Health of Romania was fined for the lack of a mask

In Romania, the Minister of Health Vlad Voiculescu was fined $360 for the lack of a medical mask in a closed room, the Mediafax news agency reports.

“Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu has been fined,” the agency said.

The Bucharest General Police Department said the minister was fined for failing to comply with the law on preventing and combating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the website said. The fine amounted to 1,500 lei ($360). In Romania, a curfew from 22.00 to 5.00 has been imposed since November 9. In addition, residents aged five and over are required to wear masks even on the streets.

According to the restrictions, all public and private companies should, if possible, arrange for employees to work remotely. A ban on holding festive events on any premises has been imposed. In addition, the work of closed markets, fairs, and exhibitions is prohibited. The restrictions will remain in effect until April 13.

The European Parliament wants to accelerate the creation of Covid passports

The European Parliament wants to speed up the procedure for creating “digital green certificates”, which will allow travel within the Eurozone during a pandemic.

This was reported on the website of the European Parliament.

Thus, the MEPs decided to apply an urgent procedure for considering the proposals of the European Commission in order to speed up the issuance of vaccination passports by the summer. The corresponding decision was supported by 468 MEPs, 203 voted against and 16 abstained.

In this regard, on April 26-29, during the next session, the European Parliament should approve the mandate to negotiate with the EU Council. Also, the EP can submit amendments to the EC proposals.

We will remind you, Romania and Greece to plan to agree on travel using their own certificates of vaccination against coronavirus, which will open tourism between the two countries.

Seven EU countries have come out in defense of nuclear power in Europe

The heads of state and government of the seven EU countries defended nuclear energy in Europe.

This is reported by Le Figaro.

The English-language letter, signed by French President Emmanuel Macron and the Prime Ministers of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, was released on Thursday and is an “urgent call to ensure a level playing field for nuclear energy in the EU, without excluding it from climate and energy policies and benefits.”

The call comes in the midst of a debate in Brussels over a future European green “taxonomy” that should condition access to finance, and therefore investment, for many years to come.

Some countries advocate the inclusion of nuclear power for its climate benefits with very low CO2 emissions. Other countries, such as Germany and Austria, are against it.

The signatories of the letter ask for their part that the European energy and Climate policy support always to achieve climate neutrality in accordance with the principle of technological neutrality. They also emphasize the “important contribution (of nuclear energy) to the fight against climate change” and see it as a means of supporting the development of renewable sources and hydrogen, without forgetting about jobs.

Member States have very different visions of the role of nuclear power in the future. Germany decided to abandon it after the Fukushima disaster. On the other hand, countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic rely on it to limit the consumption of coal, which is very polluting and emits greenhouse gases.

Romania and Greece plan to introduce their own vaccination passports

Romania and Greece plan to negotiate travel using their own coronavirus vaccination certificates. This will open up tourism between the two countries.

Reported by the Associated Press.

According to the Greek Minister of Tourism Harry Theocharis, Greece will gladly accept Romanian tourists before the EU agrees to create its own vaccination certificates.

“We really want the EU to speed up the procedure for issuing this medical certificate. But until then, we want to discuss with the Romanian Minister of Tourism so that we can receive tourists even before reaching an agreement at the European level,” he said.

The minister also added that for these certificates, Romanian tourists can start visiting Greece in mid-April.