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Britain sends Special Forces to Northern Ireland

The British authorities have moved special forces soldiers to Northern Ireland to fight riots, the Mirror newspaper reported, citing informed sources.

According to media reports, at least eight fighters have been sent undercover to the site and will work with the MI5 Security Service, which is in charge of suppressing the unrest.

The riots and clashes between nationalists and supporters of the British government in Northern Ireland lasted more than a week, and they began in areas that support the government.

The discontent of the loyalists was caused by the refusal of the prosecutor’s office to reject claims against the organizers of the magnificent funeral of one of the veterans of the Irish Republican Army, Bobby Storey, which was held in 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Subsequently, Irish nationalists advocating the unification of the British region with an independent Ireland also took to the streets.

Mike Pompeo got a job at Fox News

Former Secretary of State of the United States (held this position under Donald Trump) Mike Pompeo has become an expert for Fox News Media, the organization said.

He will be engaged in analytics in programs aired on the Fox News and Fox Business channels, according to the TV company’s website.

Pompeo, who is a diplomat, civil servant, entrepreneur, and lawyer, will be engaged in analytics on Fox News Media platforms, including in the daytime and evening programs of Fox News and Fox Business, the report says.

For the first time, Pompeo will appear as a full-time pundit on FOX & Friends, which will be released on April 9. He promised to provide viewers with “ an honest and balanced opinion on issues related to geopolitics and international relations.”

On the eve of the former US President Donald Trump, as well as a number of supporters of the Republican Party, joined the new social platform Campaign Nucleus, which was created by a former adviser to the Trump campaign staff Brad Parscale.

Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, and Twitter have previously blocked Trump’s accounts for various periods of time because of his statements about the riots in Washington on January 6.

However, Trump plans to start posting on social media again in the coming months. According to an aide to the former American leader, Jason Miller, Trump “will return to social media in two or three months.” It will be published “on its own platform”, which will attract “tens of millions” of people. According to Miller, this will “completely change the rules of the game.”

Police use water cannons on youth rally in Brussels park

The police of the Belgian capital in the evening with the help of water cannons were able to oust from the park of Brussels young people who had previously staged riots.

Earlier it was reported that about five thousand young people on Thursday gathered in the park Bois de la Cambre in Brussels for the “festival”, which was previously reported in social networks. The holiday was not sanctioned by the metropolitan administration, and restrictive measures continue to apply in Belgium in connection with a new outbreak of coronavirus. Despite the fact that the event turned out to be an April Fool’s joke, the young people gathered in the park refused to disperse and began to show aggression towards the police who arrived in the park.

The police managed to disperse the crowd in the park with water cannons. The guards also called on the young people through loudspeakers not to violate the restrictive measures and to disperse. Those who came to the festival threw bottles and sticks at the police. Now the situation in the park is calm, several ambulances have arrived, they will take the victims to the hospital.

In England, protests and riots against the police law again

In Bristol, England, on the evening of March 26, a protest against the bill to expand the powers of the police gathered again. The action began peacefully, but late in the evening escalated into clashes.

It is reported by Sky News.

The project, against which the people are protesting, will give the police in England and Wales more authority to set the conditions for peaceful protests, including if they are deemed too loud or harmful for any other reason.

About a thousand people went to the rally with the slogan “Kill the Bill” in the city center in the afternoon. People shouted” Justice for Sarah “(Sarah Everard, who was kidnapped on the street and killed in early March, the suspect is a London police officer) AND” Who are you protecting. ” Some turned on the music and danced.

Before the start of the protest, the police urged not to go to it, citing the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

Around 10 pm, when the police ordered the people to disperse, clashes broke out.

Daily Mirror journalist Matthew Dresch complained that force was used against him, despite the fact that he covered the protest as a reporter and did not pose any threat to law enforcement.

During the evening, 10 people were detained, of which three were detained for their actions during the riots last Sunday, March 21.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the violent protesters the next day.

“Our police should not be bombarded with stones, bottles, and fireworks from the crowd, inclined to violence and pogroms. The police and the city have my full support,” he said.

Let us remind you that the first action took place in the afternoon of March 21. At first, the protest was peaceful but later escalated into riots, during which two police cars were burned and windows in the police station were broken. As a result of the clashes, more than 20 law enforcement officers were injured, two of them were serious, and seven protesters were detained.

At the next meeting on the evening of March 23, there were no violent clashes, but 14 people were detained.

In Amsterdam, the police used water cannons against the protesters

Amsterdam police used water cannons to disperse an unauthorized demonstration against restrictive measures on the coronavirus, the Dutch Broadcasting Corporation (NOS) reported.

Hundreds of people gathered in the city’s Museum Square under the slogan “drink coffee for freedom”, referring to the demand for freedom of assembly.

“The Amsterdam police again stopped the illegal demonstration in the Museum Square. The Museum Square and the surrounding area were identified as risk zones after there was evidence that people would go to the square with weapons. As a result, 58 people were detained, “ reports the Amsterdam City Hall.

The protest action took place in the same place the day before. On Saturday, police also used water cannons to disperse the crowd.

On January 23, the Dutch authorities imposed a curfew in the country to combat the spread of the coronavirus. It is valid from 21: 00 to 04: 30, violators face a fine of 95 euros.

The decision sparked mass protests in a number of cities in late January. In Haarlem and Rotterdam, police fired tear gas. In Amersfoort, the action ended in riots, after pyrotechnics flew at the police, and a local supermarket was looted in Hertogenbosch. Mass detentions were carried out across the country.

The authorities later extended the curfew until March 31.