Buckingham Palace investigates staff complaints about Meghan Markle’s bullying behavior

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said that the royal court will not tolerate bullying and humiliation in the workplace.

Buckingham Palace will investigate Meghan Markle’s alleged bullying of the palace staff. Meghan’s inappropriate behavior was revealed by former communications secretary Jason Knauf, who worked with Markle and Prince Harry in 2018. According to The Times, Knauf filed a complaint in October 2018, when Harry and Meghan were still living in England and working for the royal family, but the story has only now become public.

“We are concerned about The Times’s material, which follows allegations made by former employees who worked with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Our HR department will review the circumstances outlined in the article. The staff of the secretariat of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, including those who are no longer working at the court, will be invited to participate in the investigation, “ Buckingham Palace said in a statement. “The Royal Court will not tolerate bullying and humiliation in the workplace.”

Knauf, who currently heads Prince William and Kate Middleton charitable foundation, claims that Meghan kicked out two personal assistants and undermined the trust of a third employee. According to him, the palace staff was under unbearable pressure from Markle.

Harry and Meghan deny all the charges. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been the victims of a smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation,” a spokesman for the couple said. In turn, the lawyer of the couple noted that Buckingham Palace deliberately spreads false rumors ahead of the release of the couple’s interview with TV presenter Oprah Winfrey. In the issue, which will be released on March 7, Meghan and Harry spoke for the first time about their marriage, as well as about the reasons for leaving the royal family and moving to America.

Earlier, Harry and Meghan announced that they are expecting their second child.

Kate Middleton and Prince William arrive in Edinburgh for a visit

Last night, 38-year-old Kate Middleton and Prince William took the train on a three-day tour of cities in England, Scotland and Wales. The Duchess of Cambridge has already made her first stop this morning. Their train arrived at Edinburgh’s Waverley station, where they were eagerly awaited by locals on the platform.

At the station, Kate and William were met to the sound of bagpipes, the national musical instrument of Scotland. The Duchess stepped out of the carriage in a sea-green coat made to order by fashion designer Catherine Walker. In this coat, Kate has repeatedly appeared in public — most recently at a Church service in January 2019. She completed her look today with black suede heeled boots, a pair of leather gloves, and, of course, a protective mask.

After a warm reception on the platform, Kate and William went to meet ambulance staff at an Edinburgh hospital. This service has more than five thousand highly qualified medical professionals who serve all parts of the United Kingdom. During this meeting, the Dukes of Cambridge discussed the work of the medical staff and expressed their sincere gratitude to them.

During the three-day tour, Kate and William will travel about two thousand kilometers by train and make nine stops in different cities of the United Kingdom. The main purpose of their new tour is to Express gratitude to the medical workers who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. During the trip, the Dukes of Cambridge will also talk to volunteers, nursing home staff, teachers, school children, young people, and local residents to learn how the pandemic has affected their daily lives.

Prince William was not thinking about Prince Harry’s personal happiness, but rather himself

Western media have repeatedly written that Prince William was deeply concerned about his younger brother’s decision to marry Meghan Markle so soon, whom he dated for just over a year before getting engaged. But, as historian Robert Lacy writes in his new book Battle of Brothers: The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, in fact, William was not thinking about his brother’s personal happiness, but rather about himself.

William himself, as you know, met with Kate Middleton for a long time, until he proposed to her, and believed that his brother should not rush. Then he expressed concern about the decision of his younger brother, however, according to Lacey, he pursued personal goals.

For many years, he arranged for Kate to “interview”, as when applying for a job. So Harry couldn’t help but wonder if William really cares about his personal happiness, or if he, as usual, thinks about the reputation and fate of the “company”, whose boss he will one day become. Harry’s answer was very harsh and offensive to him,

  • the historian writes in the book.

He adds that the brothers viewed this marriage differently.

For William, this was of great importance: it was about the future state of his monarchy, while for Harry it was the love of a wonderful woman who finally became the meaning of his life,

  • he notes.

The brothers’ relationship is said to have gotten worse after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step down from the royal office and move from the UK. According to royal sources, their communication has practically disappeared. The brothers themselves nevertheless deny the conflict and call all reports about it false.

Prince William spoke about the characters of his children and the hidden talent of Kate Middleton

In the new documentary “Prince William: A Planet for Us”, the 38-year-old Duke of Cambridge not only talked about his work on the environment and its importance, but also shared details about his children, seven-year-old Prince George, five-year-old Princess Charlotte, and two-year-old Prince Louis, and 38-year-old wife Kate Middleton.

During his visit to Liverpool, Prince William talked to the children who had built a large insect hotel. In addition to discussing the importance of insects to the environment, the children also talked to William and their sons and daughters, Kate Middleton.

Isn’t Princess Charlotte cheekier than Prince George?

  • they asked.

But the Duke of Cambridge did not single out any of his children and noted that all three succeeded in it.

No, they are all equally brazen. They are very impudent,

  • he said.

The children also asked him if their family could dance Floss. As it turned out, Princess Charlotte and her mother have this talent, but Prince William himself cannot dance.

Charlotte mastered it at the age of four. Catherine also knows how to dance it. And I can’t. The way I dance Floss is terrible,

  • he said.

The Duke also told that their children with the Duchess love to be in the fresh air and watch the nature — they can look with interest how bees make honey.

Especially George loves to be in the fresh air. If he is not outside, he is like a beast in a cage,

  • William noted.

The interest of children of spouses to nature is really very great. The other day they even talked to the famous British naturalist David Attenborough and asked him questions about nature.