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Sweden doesn’t want US missiles on its territory

Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hulqvist, in an article published in the Dagens Nyheter newspaper, announced Stockholm’s intention to continue to adhere to military neutrality and not join the North Atlantic Alliance, despite the demands of center-right parties.

“I do not think that the solution to all defense issues in our part of Europe is solved only by membership in NATO,” the Swedish defense minister said.

Earlier in March, the Swedish research agency published data that assesses the military power of the North Atlantic Alliance and its partners. According to their data, compared to Russia, NATO members are poorly prepared for the emergence of a major conflict. Russia will be able to enter the Baltic states in a matter of days, as NATO will be too slow to respond. Russia will have an advantage, because the bloc’s forces are too dispersed, differ in their military capabilities, and their joint training is insufficient.

However, the report said that an armed attack on NATO members, partners, or EU countries by Russia is highly unlikely. However, a serious strategic threat from the West could exacerbate the situation in the region. In other words, Sweden believes that the growing military presence of the United States and NATO at the borders of Russia provokes Moscow to retaliate.

Thus, the US decision to deploy missile defense facilities in Poland and Romania was followed by a response in the form of the transfer of the Iskander missile defense system to the Kaliningrad region. In Sweden, this is well understood, and they do not want to have Russian missiles at their side. However, security in the Scandinavian region does not depend only on Sweden. According to the Swedish defense minister, the possible accession of Sweden to the alliance “will change the situation” for the non-aligned neighboring Finland, a key partner of Stockholm in defense issues. “And Finland has a very long border with Russia.”

Recall that Finland also adheres to the neutral status enshrined in the country’s military doctrine, and Sweden’s accession to NATO will certainly launch a similar process in the neighboring country, which has a long border with Russia.

The involvement of the two Scandinavian countries in NATO will be beneficial only to Washington. At the moment, Sweden and Finland have quite close economic ties and good neighborly relations. In the case of joining the alliance, it will not be limited to military exercises. For example, in same Norway, strategic bombers are already deployed, there is one missile defense facility and another is under construction. The Norwegian Navy is part of the global missile defense system and is equipped with the American Aegis system.

Instead of moving closer to NATO, Stockholm will take the path of modernizing and increasing the capabilities of its own armed forces.

The Norwegian reserve Fund decided to invest in a wind farm

The State Pension Fund of Norway, which is the world’s largest sovereign reserve fund and the largest “oil pot” of the planet, has decided to invest in an offshore wind farm. This is reported by CNBC.

For these purposes, they intend to spend 1.375 billion euros (1.63 billion dollars). The fund, which has about $1.3 trillion under management, is preparing to buy back 50 percent of the shares of the energy company Orsted. The deal is expected to be completed in the second or third quarter of 2021, and other details have not yet been disclosed.

Borssele 1&2 power station is located in the North Sea, 93 kilometers from the coast. The company itself calls it the second largest operating offshore wind farm in the world, which “ supplies renewable energy equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of one million Dutch households.”

Earlier it became known that it is going to build another large wind farm in the North Sea and adapt it to save the planet. The energy generated there will be directed to the production of hydrogen, which is considered an environmentally friendly substitute for oil and gas.

In general, the Norwegian reserve fund is gradually abandoning investments in traditional sources of energy and fuel. The organization began to refuse to invest in oil and gas three years ago. At the end of January, it became known that the fund will completely withdraw from investments in companies that are engaged in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. The reasons were financial losses due to the coronavirus — at the end of 2020, oil and gas companies included in the portfolio of the Norwegian reserve fund brought it a loss of $10 billion.

A resident of Athens died half an hour after the AstraZeneca vaccine

A 64-year-old resident of Athens died half an hour after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca, the Greek newspaper Proto Tema reports.

The woman was vaccinated in the clinic and then spent another 15 minutes there, as prescribed by the rules. About half an hour later, she was found unconscious in a nearby park. Medical workers tried to treat her on the spot but to no avail.

The National Vaccination Committee said there was no link between the woman’s death and vaccination. It is noted that the deceased suffered from chronic diseases.

Greek doctors also note that cases of thrombosis after the AstraZeneca vaccination were recorded 7-14 days after the introduction of the vaccine.

After the information about the formation of blood clots in patients vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, and several fatal cases, European countries began to massively abandon this vaccine.

Vaccination with the drug has been suspended in 24 countries, including Lithuania, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Cyprus, Sweden, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway.

NATO fighters climbed 10 times during the day to intercept Russian aircraft

On Monday, March 29, NATO fighters took to the air ten times to escort Russian bombers and fighters over the North Atlantic, North Sea, Black, and Baltic Seas.

This is stated in a statement on the Alliance website.

NATO, in connection with the latest interception incidents, announced “an unusual level of RF air activity.”

Overall, NATO aircraft intercepted six different groups of Russian military aircraft near Alliance airspace in less than six hours.

“The interception of several Russian aviation groups demonstrates the readiness and ability of NATO forces to guard the skies of the Allies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,” said Brigadier General Andrew Hansen, deputy chief of staff at Allied Air Command.

In the Far North, Norwegian F-16s took to the air after radars spotted two groups of Russian military aircraft flying off the coast of Norway. Norwegian jets intercepted two bombers, which continued to fly south over the North Sea, forcing Britain and Belgium to raise their Typhoon and F-16 aircraft, respectively. On the same day, Norwegian F-16s intercepted two Tu-160 Blackjack bombers.

NATO’s radars also detected three Russian military aircraft near Allied airspace over the Black Sea. Turkish, Romanian, and Bulgarian fighter planes took to the skies to track Russian planes until they left the area. Separately, an Italian fighter intercepted a Russian Il-38 naval patrol aircraft, accompanied by fighters.

Russian military aircraft often do not transmit a code indicating their position and altitude, do not submit a flight plan, or do not communicate with air traffic controllers, posing a potential risk to civilian aircraft, NATO notes.

The Alliance adds that on Monday none of the Russian aircraft violated the airspace of NATO countries.

Norwegian Prime Minister celebrated an anniversary and violated the law

Norwegian police have launched an investigation into a possible violation of the law by Prime Minister Erna Solberg. This was reported on Friday by the NRK TV company.

“The investigation will clarify what really happened, whether there was a violation of only local or central restrictions [due to the COVID-19 pandemic],” the police said. In February, the politician celebrated her 60th birthday in the village of Geilo. On the first day, 13 guests gathered for dinner in her absence, and on the second day, she joined friends and family. Thus, the Prime Minister violated the law: now in Norway, it is forbidden to gather on the premises of companies of more than 10 people.

The police learned about possible violations from media materials and from the words of Solberg herself. The prime minister apologized for the incident, saying that she “did not follow the rules very closely.” According to her, she was sure that the restrictions did not apply to members of the same family.

In April 2020, the wife of the mayor of the American city of Alton (in the state of Illinois) Brent Walker, who insisted on a strict quarantine, violated the ban in order to go to a bar. In addition to her, the institution had a crowd of people who violated quarantine measures. At the time of the arrest, it turned out that the owner of the bar, Hiram Lewis, was wanted in another state: with him, they found an arrest warrant for another crime.