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Chinese lunar rover has discovered a strange monolith on the surface of the moon

The network has information about an extremely unusual find of the Chinese lunar rover. As it turned out, he managed to find a very strange monolith on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite. Scientists already have several versions about the origins of its appearance.

So, according to one version, a piece of stone appeared on the surface recently as a result of the split of the rock from the impact of a meteorite, writes Space.com. To call the reason for its appearance youth is an extremely logical move. After all, if the monolith were older, it would have long been wetted as a result of many processes occurring on the surface of the moon.

To test the basic theory, the scientists intend to bring the lunar rover close and use the VIMS spectrometer. With its help, experts will be able to determine the composition of the material. And if the researchers find out that the rock got on the satellite from the outside, then they will have a new goal — to look around in the area and try to understand where it came from.

For the first time in 44 years: lunar soil successfully delivered to Earth

The capsule of the Chinese probe Change 5 has successfully returned to Earth with lunar soil samples.

This was reported by the State Space Administration of China on Twitter.

“Mission accomplished. The head of China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) calls the Change-5 lunar mission successful. Ground crews are preparing to transport the lunar assembly capsule to a safe place where it will be opened and examined by specialists,” the message said.

The module landed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the PRC. It is noted that the lunar soil came to our planet for the first time in decades since 1976.

China crashed a spacecraft on the lunar surface. What for?

The takeoff module of the Chinese lunar mission Change 5 crashed into the surface of the Earth’s satellite, but this was done on purpose.

The fact is that the work of the takeoff module had already been completed, and leaving the spacecraft in orbit was dangerous for the next lunar missions.

The Chinese mission Change 5 was very quickly able to obtain samples of lunar material and send them back to Earth. The mission, which included several specialized vehicles for various phases of the return of the lunar sample, has collected samples and has already prepared them for return to Earth, but at least one piece of high-tech equipment will remain on the Moon.

The takeoff module, which was part of the Change 5 lander, delivered samples of lunar material to orbit the Moon and docked with the orbiter. Once the transfer was complete, China ordered the craft to “commit suicide” by undocking from the orbiter and crashing back onto the lunar surface.

The China Space Agency Mission Control Team gave the command to the ascending spacecraft at 5:59 pm EST on Monday. The vehicle did what it was told and reportedly crashed into the moon about half an hour later at 6:30 pm.

The decision to smash the takeoff module against the moon is an interesting one. Due to the fact that the Change 5 mission consists of several vehicles, the capabilities of the take-off module were rather limited after it completed its sample transfer phase. Leaving this object in orbit around the moon is a bad idea because it just creates more “space debris” that could cause problems in the future.

Lunar debris, as we may call it, can eventually become a major problem as well, and while it may not seem like a big deal right now, humanity has a habit of spreading its debris all over the place, so it’s something to watch out for.

Earlier it was reported that the European space agency signed a contract for 86 million euros ($102 million) with a Swiss startup to deliver a large piece of orbital debris to Earth.

The agency said the deal with Clearspace SA will lead to the “first active debris removal mission” in 2025.

Just then, if the scientists’ plans come true, the custom-made spacecraft will hijack and shoot down a portion of the rocket that was once used to deliver the satellite into orbit.

Chinese spacecraft landed on the moon

China’s Change 5 spacecraft landed on the moon and began collecting soil samples that will be delivered to Earth.

It is planned that the lander will collect about 2 kg of lunar soil in a few days, including at a depth of up to 2 m below the lunar surface.

The first study of the lunar soil was carried out by the Soviet automatic station “Luna-13” in December 1966. The first samples of lunar soil were delivered to Earth by the crew of the Apollo 11 spacecraft in July 1969. And the last samples of lunar soil were to Earth in August 1976 by the Soviet mission “Moon 24”.

UK and NASA signed an agreement on the exploration of the moon

The British Space Agency and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) signed the “Artemis Accords” on Tuesday, setting out guidelines for lunar exploration. This is stated in the statement released by the British Office on Tuesday.

“The signing of the agreement signals that we are committed to playing a leading role in outer space. We hope to deepen our relationship with the United States in the field of space. The moon and Mars, “the head of the British space agency, Graham Turnock, said in a statement. This agreement was signed within the framework of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), which is being held online this year.

It is emphasized that the UK, in particular, will take part in the creation of a circumlunar station Gateway, which will become a transfer point for missions to a natural satellite of the Earth and into deep space. For these purposes, the British authorities have already allocated 16 million pounds ($20.7 million).