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Israeli ship damaged by the explosion in the Gulf of Oman

The owner of the ship, Helios Ray, suggested that the explosion was the result of an Iranian attack.

A cargo ship belonging to Israel was damaged in an explosion that occurred on Friday afternoon while the ship was in the Gulf of Oman. This is reported by the Jerusalem Post on February 26.

It is indicated that we are talking about a ship for the transport of cars Helios Ray, sailing under the flag of the Bahamas. The crew was not injured, and the ship was sent to the nearest port.

According to the MarineTraffic website, the ship was heading for Singapore, but, a little before reaching the Arabian Sea, it set a reverse course towards the Strait of Hormuz.

According to one version, the explosion could have been caused by a sea mine. On the other hand, the ship suffered from a missile strike, because there are holes on both sides above the waterline.

Israeli businessman Rami Ongar, who owns Helios Ray, suggested that the explosion was the result of an Iranian attack.

The U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet said it was monitoring the situation, but declined to comment further.

Earlier, the US authorities expressed their readiness to return to negotiations with Iran on the nuclear deal. The administration of new President Joe Biden is moving to reverse the decision of its predecessors regarding the US withdrawal from the JCPOA agreement in 2018.

Russia said the US was late warning of an airstrike in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the United States had warned the Russian military about impending strikes on Syria in just 4-5 minutes. He said this at a press conference on Friday, February 26.

“Our military was warned 4 or 5 minutes in advance. Of course, even if we talk about deconflicting, as is customary in relations between Russian and American servicemen, it does not give anything. This kind of notification when a strike is already being delivered,” Lavrov said.

He added: “This concerns the military side of the matter. But in no case should it be considered in isolation from the fact that the United States is in Syria illegally, in violation of all norms of international law, including the Security Council resolutions on a settlement in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

On the night of February 26, the US Air Force launched a strike on the infrastructure of Syrian armed groups supported by Iran in eastern Syria. According to media reports, 17 militants were killed in the attack.

The Pentagon said the strikes were authorized “in response to recent attacks on the US and international coalition personnel in Iraq and ongoing threats against this personnel.” Let us remind you that a few days ago the “green zone” of Baghdad, where, in particular, the US Embassy is located, was fired upon with rockets.

The IAEA found traces of uranium at Iran’s nuclear facilities

In the fall of 2020, during an inspection, inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) found traces of un-enriched uranium at two Iranian facilities. This is reported by Reuters, citing sources.

It is noted that the inspectors suspected that undeclared nuclear materials could be stored at these facilities. In August 2020, Iran agreed to allow inspectors to visit these facilities.

Earlier, the Iranian authorities announced the installation of centrifuges at the nuclear facility, which is located in Natanz.

Earlier, it was reported that Iran would resume fulfilling its obligations to reduce its nuclear program if the United States lifted the sanctions imposed on the country, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said after talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

Iran hijacks South Korean oil tanker

In the Persian Gulf, Iran seized the oil tanker Hankuk Chemi, which was sailing under the flags of South Korea in the UAE.

According to the Iranian Tasnim agency, the tanker was sailing from the Saudi port of Al-Jubail to South Korea.

According to media reports, the reason for the seizure could have been that South Korea has repeatedly violated laws on the protection of the marine environment.

This time, the ship was hijacked due to environmental pollution by chemicals. Previously, the vessel was carrying 7200 tons of ethanol. At the moment, the crew has been arrested.

In turn, South Korea asked Iran to release the detained tanker and sent its vessel to the region.

Recall that in September oil tanker MT New Diamond caught fire off the coast of Sri Lanka. As a result of the fire, one crew member died, two more were injured.

France reacted to execution of Iranian journalist

The French Foreign Ministry has responded to the execution of the head of the news portal Amad News Ruhollah Zama, who lived in the country.

The French department condemned the execution of the journalist, calling it a serious attack on freedom of speech in Iran. “This is a barbaric and unacceptable act, contrary to the international obligations of this country. France reiterates its constant rejection of the death penalty everywhere and under any circumstances, ” they noted.

The Iranian journalist was executed on December 12. A few days earlier, Iran’s Supreme Court upheld the June verdict.

The deputy was detained in October 2019 by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It was alleged that intelligence had been following the journalist for many years. According to them, he collaborated with foreign intelligence services and wanted to “bring the country to confusion.” In June of this year, he was sentenced to death.

In 2017-2018, Zam was actively involved in covering protests in Iran, while his place of permanent residence was France. The Iranian authorities have repeatedly called Amad News an anti-government resource.