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iPhone owner lost $ 600,000 due to fraudulent App in App Store

Philip Christodoulou downloaded to his iPhone an app from the App Store called Trezor, where he invested all the investment cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Later, the user discovered that his cryptocurrency was missing from the account.

It turned out that the app was created by scammers and somehow managed to pass verification in the App Store. Trezor is a manufacturer of physical bitcoin wallets, so users thought it was an official app and eagerly downloaded it.

This isn’t the first time: the company keeps repeating that they don’t have an official app on either the App Store or Google Play. Trezor monitors these services and seeks to remove fraudulent applications that damage the company’s reputation.

The same app appeared last year on Android smartphones, then the company passed this information to Google and they removed it.

Apple still claims that their app store is safer than on Android smartphones, where there are indeed more fraudulent apps due to the more “free” rules and the lower cost of the developer console.

Apple has published a new ad with a durable iPhone 12

Apple has published a new 30-second commercial, which focuses on the durable of the new iPhone 12.

The clumsy chef tries his best to follow the recipe on his smartphone, but something always goes wrong: then the sauce will fall on the smartphone, then the flour will crumble…

In the end, the smartphone is simply sent to the sink, rinsed with water, and the phrase “Relax, this is an iPhone” sounds in the background.

Indeed, as various drop tests show, the iPhone 12 line has become more resistant to falls thanks to the Ceramic Shield glass and the new shape of the case. With protection from moisture, the company has always been fine, but it is better not to check it — the warranty does not apply to recessed smartphones.

The characteristics of the iPhone 13 became known

The characteristics of the new iPhone 13 are revealed. This was reported by CNBS on Monday, March 1, with reference to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

He said that the size of the new smartphones will remain the same, but their weight will increase. The iPhone of the new generation will improve the characteristics of the camera and modem 5G, they will also get a larger battery. Ming-Chi Kuo noted that the iPhone 13 will get rid of the” bangs “ and get one hole for the camera.

As an example, the analyst cited Samsung smartphones. At the same time, an iPhone without a “bang” and a fingerprint sensor under the display may not appear until 2023, Kuo said.

It is noted that Apple intends to return to the new generation of smartphones the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which the developers abandoned in the iPhone X in 2017. In 2020, many users complained that due to the mandatory wearing of masks during the pandemic, the Face ID function is inconvenient to use.

On February 15, it was reported that details about the technical characteristics of the new iPhone 13 appeared on the Network. It is assumed that an important innovation will be the support of the Always-On Display function, which is used on Android devices.

Apple has invented an “invisible bang” for the iPhone

The network has information about the latest Apple patent. Its essence is to create a technology that would allow the implementation of “invisible bangs” in the upcoming iPhone, as well as the Touch ID under-screen fingerprint scanner.

“Photodetectors integrated into integrated thin-film transistor boards” — this is about the title of a recent patent of the company. In short, the Cupertino’s are working on implementing the Face ID system directly “behind the display”, writes AppleInsider. At the same time, the new technology can also be used to create a sub—screen Touch ID-the same scanner that was implemented in Android smartphones back in 2019.

Recall that the latest leaks also claim that Apple is working hard on its own flexible smartphone. The device is expected in 2022, at the same time as the iPhone 13 line. Rumors attribute the new product to Apple Pencil support, as well as, possibly, a clamshell form factor in the manner of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola RAZR.

iPhone camera lenses won’t change until 2022

The hardware components of future iPhones cameras will not change for a couple of generations of smartphones. This is reported by MacRumors, citing reputable insider Min-Chi Kuo.

According to Sunny, Apple is already looking for a lens supplier, which could be either Largan or Genius Electronic Optical. In addition to them, the company may consider the offer of Sunny Optical. Largan is ready to provide lenses at a price of 15-25% below the average market price.

That would put Genius Electronic Optical, a supplier of lenses for iPhones, at a disadvantage. According to Min-Chi, the company has certain production problems and simply won’t be able to invest in its modifications. So don’t expect any improvements until 2022.

Based on all this data, Min-Chi comes to the conclusion that the lenses of iPhones will not get any serious changes in the next year and a half or two years. That is, most likely, the next iPhones will get the same set of lenses and we won’t have to expect any periscopes.

However, the lack of changes in optics does not mean that the cameras will not change. The sensor is also involved in the creation of the picture, they are supplied by Sony, and Apple is also working a lot on computational photography.

In 2020, for example, the new iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max got the ability to record video in Dolby Vision, as well as a new model in which pictures are saved in uncompressed RAW format. In addition, all iPhones 12 received an updated third-generation SmartHDR.