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India is vaccinating at a record pace

Almost 350 thousand people were vaccinated against coronavirus in India per day. And in a week — almost 1.4 million.

A record 347,058 people were vaccinated against coronavirus in India per day, the country’s Ministry of Health reports on Saturday, January 23.

Vaccinations began in India on January 16th. 1,390,592 people were vaccinated during the week (almost 200 thousand per day).

The country’s Ministry of Health notes that there are more and more people wishing to be vaccinated.

The Indian authorities plan to vaccinate 30 million people at the first stage — 10 million medical workers and 20 million employees at risk — police officers, military personnel, civil defense officials.

Further, persons over 50 years old and persons under the age of 50 years with concomitant diseases (about 270 million people in total) will be vaccinated.

India plans to vaccinate about 300 million people in six months.

At the first stage, vaccinations are given with two vaccines — this is the Covishield drug developed by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, as well as the Covaxin vaccine from the Indian company Bharat Biotech. Both vaccines are produced in India.

The other day in India, there was a fire at the largest vaccine production plant, killing five people.

Indian police arrest first person under the new cow protection law

A truck driver who was transporting cattle in the state of Karnataka has become the first person in India to be arrested under a new ordinance banning the slaughter of cows. This was reported by NDTV on Wednesday, January 13.

According to preliminary reports, the driver was assaulted by unknown assailants who forcibly stopped and searched his truck. As a result, the man was charged with illegally transporting cows and is being treated in the hospital.

It is noted that criminal charges were also filed against the assailants. J.C. Madhuswamy, the state’s justice minister, considers the attack on the driver unacceptable, but he defends the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act.

The law was passed in December 2020. Under it, perpetrators of cattle slaughter can be imprisoned for three to seven years. They also face a fine of $683 to $6833. If a person is found guilty a second time, they could face seven years in prison, and the fine would increase to $1366-13,600.

Delhi launches first unmanned metro line in India

India’s first unmanned metro line was launched in Delhi by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 28, The Indian Express writes.

“The launch of the first unmanned subway train shows how fast India is moving towards artificial intelligence systems. The Made in India program is very important for the expansion of the metro network. It lowers cost, saves currency, and provides more employment for the Indian people, ” Modi said at the opening.

The launch ceremony was held via videoconference. Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also attended the event via video link.

At the first stage, only one line of the Delhi Metro, Line 8, 38 kilometers long, will operate in unmanned mode. For this, the tunnels were equipped with an updated signaling system. The necessary equipment has already been installed on Line 7.

We will remind you, the subway in Delhi began to be built in 2002 with a line with a length of 8.4 km. Now the total length of the branches of this transport network is 390 km. Another 61 km are expected to be built during the fourth phase of expansion.

Indian authorities have commented on reports of an outbreak of a new disease

The Indian authorities responded to media reports about the appearance of a new unknown infectious disease in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

State inspector Dolla Joshi Roy explained that the disease is not related to coronavirus infection.

“According to preliminary data, the outbreak is caused by water contamination with heavy metals, organophosphates, pesticides,” report inspector.

He added that all patients passed tests for COVID-19, they were negative.

The second batch of French Rafale combat aircraft arrives in India

The second batch of fourth-generation Rafale multirole fighters arrived in India from France on November 4, Asian News International reported.

Three aircraft, piloted by Indian pilots, reached the airfield in Jamnagar (Gujarat state) in more than eight hours. During the flight, the fighters made three air refuels.

The first batch of five French combat aircraft arrived in India on 28 July. All of them were deployed in an area where the border conflict with China escalated in the summer.

According to the contract, 36 Rafale fighters are to enter service with the Indian Air Force by mid-2022.