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Hungary will help Slovakia with the expertise of Sputnik V

This was announced by the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry after a meeting in Budapest with the Slovak Deputy Prime Minister. Earlier, the Slovak regulator said that their vaccine doses do not match the samples that were considered by the European regulator and The Lancet magazine. RDIF refutes this information.

Slovakia’s Deputy Prime Minister Igor Matovic asked Hungary to conduct an expert examination of the Sputnik V vaccine, as Bratislava does not have the necessary laboratories. Budapest agreed to help. Earlier, there were publications in the media, according to which the batch of Russian vaccine delivered to Slovakia differs from the one described in The Lancet magazine. The Russian Direct Investment Fund called this information fake and demanded that Bratislava return the drug.

Hungary became the first country in the European Union, which, without waiting for the decision of the European regulator, allowed the use of “Sputnik V”. The Russian vaccine has been inoculated there since February. Slovakia, also a member of the European Union, decided to follow the example of Hungary, but this led to a political crisis and the resignation of Igor Matovic as prime minister-although he remained in the government.

A new scandal broke out when the Slovak media reported that the Slovak State Institute for Drug Control was unable to conduct a full audit of Sputnik due to the fact that it was not provided with the necessary amount of data. In addition, the vaccine delivered to the country is different from the one that is known from publications in scientific publications. In the media, there was unofficial information about two forms of the drug — liquid and dry, with different storage conditions.

The RDIF responded to all this. The Foundation has asked the Slovak government to return the coronavirus vaccine so that it can be used in other countries.

Hungary to ease quarantine after vaccinating 25% of population

The Hungarian government has considered proposals from business groups to ease coronavirus restrictions and decided to wait until 2.5 million of the country’s 10 million residents receive the first dose of the vaccine.

This was stated by the head of the Prime Minister’s administration, Gergely Guyash, according to Reuters.

The government expects that this indicator will be achieved a few days after Easter Monday (April 4)

“We need another big effort to overcome the peak of the third wave of the pandemic,” Guiyash said.

After the border is passed, shops will be able to work until 21: 30, and the night curfew will start at 22: 00 instead of 20: 00 as it is now. The number of people allowed at the same time in the stores will be limited.

Services may be partially open. Teachers and school staff will be vaccinated so that schools can open on April 19.

Hungary reported a record daily number of deaths from COVID-19 — 275 people and 11,265 new infections on Friday.

The number of hospitalizations and people on artificial lung ventilation is also at an all-time high: doctors compare the situation with the worst days of the global pandemic.

Seven EU countries have come out in defense of nuclear power in Europe

The heads of state and government of the seven EU countries defended nuclear energy in Europe.

This is reported by Le Figaro.

The English-language letter, signed by French President Emmanuel Macron and the Prime Ministers of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, was released on Thursday and is an “urgent call to ensure a level playing field for nuclear energy in the EU, without excluding it from climate and energy policies and benefits.”

The call comes in the midst of a debate in Brussels over a future European green “taxonomy” that should condition access to finance, and therefore investment, for many years to come.

Some countries advocate the inclusion of nuclear power for its climate benefits with very low CO2 emissions. Other countries, such as Germany and Austria, are against it.

The signatories of the letter ask for their part that the European energy and Climate policy support always to achieve climate neutrality in accordance with the principle of technological neutrality. They also emphasize the “important contribution (of nuclear energy) to the fight against climate change” and see it as a means of supporting the development of renewable sources and hydrogen, without forgetting about jobs.

Member States have very different visions of the role of nuclear power in the future. Germany decided to abandon it after the Fukushima disaster. On the other hand, countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic rely on it to limit the consumption of coal, which is very polluting and emits greenhouse gases.

Conflict unfolding in Slovakia over Hungarian interference in internal affairs

In Slovakia, a conflict erupted between members of the government after the uncoordinated visit of the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto to the city of Komarno, where more than half of the population is ethnic Hungarians.

Because of Siyjarto’s visit, the Hungarian ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and a large message was posted on the ministry’s website on behalf of Minister Ivan Korczak, who stressed that Peter Siyarto’s actions had “crossed all boundaries”:

“We want to have good-neighborly relations with Hungary, but I will not allow interference in our internal affairs,” he said.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovic was led “outside the box” and became in this conflict … on the side of Siyjarto.

The prime minister, who is now in a hot stage of conflict with Minister Korchok, decided to scold him for criticizing the Hungarian minister — they say, there is no need to quarrel with neighbors.

The Slovak media outraged the actions and responded with headlines like “Matovic is behaving like a member of Orban’s party” or “Matovic is destroying Slovak diplomacy.”

Matovic became one of the very few Slovak politicians who decided to side with the Hungarian authorities in this dispute.

But the actions of Peter Siyjarto angered the overwhelming majority of Slovak political players, both in power and in the opposition, moreover, from different flanks — from the former ruling party Smer-SD to the almost pro-Russian “We are the family”, whose leader, Speaker of Parliament Boris Kollar emphasized: the situation is so obvious that he is ready to stand next to his ideological enemies in resisting the actions of the Hungarian government.

“It is unacceptable and unacceptable that a foreign state begins to meddle in our internal affairs. This is an absolute scandal!” He said indignantly.

Finnish Prime Minister did not rule out the use of “Sputnik V” in the country

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin did not rule out the use of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in her country.

This was reported by the Yle TV and radio company.

According to the head of government, all vaccines, the effectiveness, and safety of which have been proven can be used.

Yesterday it became known that Russia offered Finland technologies for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine.

The issue was raised during a telephone conversation between ex-President Tarja Halonen and Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

Halonen is part of the WHO European Group on COVID-19.

Marin reminds us that the decision to purchase a particular vaccine is not a question.

Mika Ryamet, director of the Center for Research and Development of Vaccines, doubts the feasibility of producing a Russian vaccine in Finland and says that this may not necessarily significantly improve the epidemiological situation.

Earlier it became known that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) began an examination of the registration dossier of the Russian vaccine.

The countries of the European Union, Hungary, and Slovakia have already approved the use of the vaccine on an individual basis, without waiting for the pan-European registration.