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Google wins long-running copyright dispute with Oracle

Today, April 5, the US Supreme Court ruled that Google did not violate the copyright of another American company — Oracle. This decision ends a long-standing legal battle between Google and Oracle over this issue.

Recall that Oracle filed a lawsuit in 2010: the company accused Google of violating its copyright by using the Java programming language in the Android operating system. The lawsuit was filed shortly after Oracle bought Java developer Sun Microsystems. In the lawsuit, Oracle claimed that the free distribution of the Android OS infringed Oracle’s copyright on a portion of the Java software, which reduced its revenue. According to Oracle, Google copied more than 11 thousand lines of Java API code (application programming interfaces) to Android. Oracle demanded compensation from Google in the amount of $9 billion.

Over the nearly 11 years that the lawsuit lasted, several court decisions were made on it, either in favor of Google or in favor of Oracle. Now, the Supreme Court has overturned a lower court’s ruling in favor of Oracle, saying Google’s copying of some Java API code was fair use. Oracle said after the ruling that, in their opinion, “Google stole Java and for a decade conducted legal proceedings in a way that only a monopolist can do.”

iPhone owner lost $ 600,000 due to fraudulent App in App Store

Philip Christodoulou downloaded to his iPhone an app from the App Store called Trezor, where he invested all the investment cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Later, the user discovered that his cryptocurrency was missing from the account.

It turned out that the app was created by scammers and somehow managed to pass verification in the App Store. Trezor is a manufacturer of physical bitcoin wallets, so users thought it was an official app and eagerly downloaded it.

This isn’t the first time: the company keeps repeating that they don’t have an official app on either the App Store or Google Play. Trezor monitors these services and seeks to remove fraudulent applications that damage the company’s reputation.

The same app appeared last year on Android smartphones, then the company passed this information to Google and they removed it.

Apple still claims that their app store is safer than on Android smartphones, where there are indeed more fraudulent apps due to the more “free” rules and the lower cost of the developer console.

Google has fixed problems in the operation of its services on the Android platform

Google has fixed problems in the operation of applications for Android users. This is reported on the official page of the company in the social network Twitter.

“Failures in the Webview led to problems in the operation of applications for Android users. They are now eliminated. If you have any problems with the application, please update the Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play, “ the message reads.

On March 23, users of smartphones running on the Android operating system encountered unstable software. A variety of applications, including banking, Google Play, email clients, gave errors or did not open at all.

Earlier, Google users from a number of countries complained about problems in the search engine.

Facebook refused to lay a cable along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

Facebook is abandoning plans to lay a fiber-optic cable to Hong Kong under the Pacific Ocean amid US pressure. The Wall Street Journal writes about it.

Consortium Facebook Inc. withdrew its application to create a new Internet channel between California and Hong Kong after months of pressure from US national security officials.

“Due to ongoing concerns by the US government regarding direct communications between the US and Hong Kong, we have decided to withdraw our FCC filing. We look forward to working with all parties to reconfigure the system to address the concerns of the US government, ” said a Facebook spokesman.

Facebook and several telecom partners first filed a permit to build a fiber optic cable in 2018. He would link two sites in California with subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This is the last project between the fibers of the Pacific to stall due to US resistance.

A separate Pacific light cable network, funded by Facebook and Google owner Alphabet Inc., is also on hold as its builders are asking permission to activate a link for non-Chinese data.

Facebook has announced it is considering a possible submarine fiber optic cable around Africa. The goal of the project is to reduce the cost of providing access to broadband Internet on the continent and attracting new users to the social network.

Google has warned of a new tax. YouTube bloggers from all over the world will pay

As of June 2021, Google may oblige YouTube creators from all over the world to pay tax on income received from views of content by residents of the United States. This will affect those creators who have monetized their channels.

The warning was posted on the Google website in the customer support section. They are encouraged to check if all the required data has been entered into the Adsense system. If not, you can do it until May 31, 2021. In the absence of data, the tax will be levied on all income in general.

Google recalled that bloggers from the United States are already paying this tax.