The EU announced plans to produce 200 million doses of the vaccine per month

The European Union will be able to produce about 200 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine per month starting in September, the Commissioner for Internal Market Affairs Thierry Breton said. This is written by Le Parisien.

He recalled that in January, the European Union produced 14 million doses, in February – 28 million, in March – 60 million. In the next quarter, Brussels expects to reach the target of 100 million doses.

“In the summer, the figure will be 120 million, and starting in September, we will reach a cruising production speed of 200 million,” Breton said.

The European Commissioner said that in the second half of the year, the European Union will have about 800 million doses of the drug.

In Europe, 40 million people were infected with the coronavirus, 28 million recovered, and 925,000 people died.

Between the USA and China have promised a new economic war

The next economic war between the United States and China will be related to the problems of climate change, experts promised. Reported by CNBC.

Bank of America’s managing director for research, Haim Israel, suggests that the “climate war” between Washington and Beijing will follow the technology and trade wars, as climate change will become the dominant economic and political theme in the coming decades. “It’s not just about saving the planet. We believe that climate strategies offer a path to global excellence because there is much more at stake here, ” he concluded.

The advantage in the production of electric vehicles will also be important. “So far, about half of the oil goes to the transport market, and cars make up the bulk of it,” Israel said. The expert is confident that whoever becomes the leader in the production of electric vehicles will definitely have a huge advantage in the future. So far, the market is ruled by the American Tesla, but competitors from China are already stepping on its heels.

Under Donald Trump, a trade war broke out between the United States and China, and tensions remain under the administration of new President Joe Biden. In February, he said that the United States is working with the European Union to fight China and resist its “economic abuse and coercion.” Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Biden said the US and its foreign partners should “make China accountable for its economic practices.”

However, experts are confident that the United States will be richer than China for several decades, judging by GDP per capita. According to the latest data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China’s GDP per capita last year was projected at $10,582, which is about six times less than in the United States.

What are the chances of the EU’s New Green Deal?

According to the plans of the European Commission, the package of measures taken to overcome the coronavirus crisis should be based on a New Green Deal. At the same time, Brussels is betting on an initiative called the “New European Bauhaus”. The aim of the project is to promote such principles and values as quality design, environmental sustainability, barrier-free operation, and investment. Meanwhile, negotiations on a new climate law due to be passed this spring have stalled. Observers are concerned about how the situation is developing.

Don’t miss at least this train

The European Union has a unique chance to catch up on the world stage, “ writes El Pais:

“In the digital race, the 27 EU countries have long been behind the US and China, but in the green race, they may well give others a head start. Eight of the ten most important companies in the field of clean energy are European. Europe must not miss this train! At stake are energy independence, the creation of many jobs, and control over technology of global significance. In addition, leadership in the field of green technologies can help the EU strengthen its image of moral authority, and this is worth a lot. Authority is imperceptible physically, but its significance is extremely great.”

Poland needs a change of course

Poland should switch from coal to renewable energy sources as soon as possible, — Rzeczpospolita insists:

“We are heading for a collision course, but we still have time for rescue maneuvers. If we miss this opportunity, we face an economic catastrophe. Rising energy prices will lead to the ruin of Polish companies and enterprises, which have already suffered from numerous lockdowns. Therefore, the economic recovery plan and the implementation of the New Green Deal in Poland should focus on green technologies. Otherwise, the Polish economy is unlikely to benefit significantly from the funds allocated by the European Union. After all, those who rely on alternative energy sources will receive the most funding.”

Results can only be achieved together

The new Green Deal should cover all EU countries, warns Rzeczpospolita:

“The idea of Ursula von der Leyen should not be limited to a group of selected countries — or a certain ‘elite’. Walter Gropius, the ideologues of the Bauhaus, said that his school should serve people — and be universal. And why this dream is not feasible if someone is deliberately excluded from it. The new Bauhaus should be built jointly by all EU countries. Including Poland, a European country with a viable industry and crafts.”

The course leading to a collision with the United States

EU plans will not strengthen relations with the US, warns The Spectator:

“President Joe Biden’s program idea is to promote green energy, focused on the production of renewable and clean electricity. … The EU has almost the same agenda: most of the fund for economic recovery from the consequences of the corona crisis in the amount of 750 billion euros is planned to be directed to this area. However, there cannot be two global leaders in the field of green energy! Competition for leadership in this area is likely to further alienate the parties from each other.”

Lithuania: Russian vaccine has no place in EU COVID passport

Lithuania opposes the inclusion of the Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus in the European COVID passport.

This was stated by the acting Ambassador of Lithuania to the EU Simonas Shatunas, reports Politico.

“Lithuania firmly believes that only vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency should be part of a digital green certificate,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that from June 15, the European Union will introduce a single certificate of vaccination against coronavirus for all citizens of the eurozone. The certificate can be downloaded to your smartphone or printed out in the paper form. The document will have a QR code with all the necessary information about the person (last name, date of birth, passport number, information about whether the owner was vaccinated and what drug, as well as whether he was ill).

It was also reported that the United States came up with its own COVID-passport.

In the EU, 18.2 million people have already received two doses of vaccination

By the end of the second quarter, EU countries expect to receive 360 million doses of coronavirus vaccines

In the European Union, 18.2 million people have already received two doses of vaccination in the 3 months since the start of coronavirus vaccination. This represents 4.1% of the total population of the 27 countries of the community. The European Union has so far received 88 million doses of the vaccine and used 62 million.

This was announced on Twitter by the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

According to von der Leyen, by the end of March, EU countries should receive more than 100 million doses.

In particular, we are talking about the following vaccines:

Pfizer — about 66 million doses;
AstraZeneca — 30 million doses of the promised 120 million;
Moderna — 10 million.

The head of the European Commission added that by the end of the second quarter, the EU should receive 360 million doses.

We are already talking about four vaccines:

Pfizer — 200 million;
Moderna —  35 million;
AstraZeneca — 70 million (out of the promised 180 million);
Johnson & Johnson -55 million (will start deliveries in April).

At the same time, the head of the European Commission noted that since December last year, EU countries have exported 77 million doses of vaccine produced in the community to 33 countries of the world.