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What are the chances of the EU’s New Green Deal?

According to the plans of the European Commission, the package of measures taken to overcome the coronavirus crisis should be based on a New Green Deal. At the same time, Brussels is betting on an initiative called the “New European Bauhaus”. The aim of the project is to promote such principles and values as quality design, environmental sustainability, barrier-free operation, and investment. Meanwhile, negotiations on a new climate law due to be passed this spring have stalled. Observers are concerned about how the situation is developing.

Don’t miss at least this train

The European Union has a unique chance to catch up on the world stage, “ writes El Pais:

“In the digital race, the 27 EU countries have long been behind the US and China, but in the green race, they may well give others a head start. Eight of the ten most important companies in the field of clean energy are European. Europe must not miss this train! At stake are energy independence, the creation of many jobs, and control over technology of global significance. In addition, leadership in the field of green technologies can help the EU strengthen its image of moral authority, and this is worth a lot. Authority is imperceptible physically, but its significance is extremely great.”

Poland needs a change of course

Poland should switch from coal to renewable energy sources as soon as possible, — Rzeczpospolita insists:

“We are heading for a collision course, but we still have time for rescue maneuvers. If we miss this opportunity, we face an economic catastrophe. Rising energy prices will lead to the ruin of Polish companies and enterprises, which have already suffered from numerous lockdowns. Therefore, the economic recovery plan and the implementation of the New Green Deal in Poland should focus on green technologies. Otherwise, the Polish economy is unlikely to benefit significantly from the funds allocated by the European Union. After all, those who rely on alternative energy sources will receive the most funding.”

Results can only be achieved together

The new Green Deal should cover all EU countries, warns Rzeczpospolita:

“The idea of Ursula von der Leyen should not be limited to a group of selected countries — or a certain ‘elite’. Walter Gropius, the ideologues of the Bauhaus, said that his school should serve people — and be universal. And why this dream is not feasible if someone is deliberately excluded from it. The new Bauhaus should be built jointly by all EU countries. Including Poland, a European country with a viable industry and crafts.”

The course leading to a collision with the United States

EU plans will not strengthen relations with the US, warns The Spectator:

“President Joe Biden’s program idea is to promote green energy, focused on the production of renewable and clean electricity. … The EU has almost the same agenda: most of the fund for economic recovery from the consequences of the corona crisis in the amount of 750 billion euros is planned to be directed to this area. However, there cannot be two global leaders in the field of green energy! Competition for leadership in this area is likely to further alienate the parties from each other.”

Europe is “split” over the supply of «Sputnik V»

In Europe, there was a split over the supply of the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”. Some countries see it only as a plus, while others oppose taking the drug from Russia. The supply friction may be resolved soon.

The split was reported by Le Monde newspaper. It is noted that the approving words addressed to Sputnik V are expressed primarily by Germany. Italy is not taking action on the acquisition of Sputnik V.

France is actively opposed to the purchase of the vaccine. The country’s Foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that Sputnik V is “a means of propaganda and aggressive diplomacy.” No interest in the vaccine was shown in Poland.

Sources of the publication claim that in the near future the European Commission will enter into negotiations with the Russian Direct Investment Fund on the supply of the drug.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the statement of the commission’s representatives about the uselessness of Sputnik V, said that “ nothing is imposed on anyone.”

In March, Germany called on Europe to centrally purchase a vaccine developed in Russia.

Oil rises in price due to blockage of the Suez Canal

Trading on the oil market on Friday began with a rise in prices for raw materials. Already in the morning, the price of a barrel of Brent oil rose by 0.86% to $62 48 cents. A barrel of WTI crude rose 1.13% to $59.22.

The situation in the Suez Canal contributes to the growth of oil prices. It is actually blocked for the movement of ships, including oil tankers. The problem arose after a 400-meter container ship ran aground.

How long it will last is still unknown. Experts note the uncertainty in the oil market. This is indicated by high volatility.

More significant growth in oil prices is hindered by the difficult epidemiological situation in the United States and Europe. The number of diseases continues to grow. The authorities of a number of countries were forced to take additional decisions on restrictive measures.

This development of events raises concerns among investors about the suspension of growth in demand for oil.

WHO: the acute phase of the pandemic in the world is not over yet

Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the technical group of the World Health Organization’s emergency diseases unit, assessed the epidemiological situation in the world against the background of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to her, the organization records an increase in the number of newly detected cases of COVID-19 infection.

During the briefing, she was asked how the WHO assesses the prospect of a third wave of coronavirus.

“We are still in the acute phase of the pandemic,” Kerkhove said.

At the same time, she also called for taking precautions during the upcoming Catholic Easter in Europe. The head of the technical group stressed that after the New Year, an increase in the incidence of coronavirus was also recorded. Kerckhove advised refraining from attending mass events.

In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 126.2 million cases have been registered, more than 101.8 million people have recovered, and more than 2.7 million patients have died.

Swiss authorities explain dozens of deaths after vaccination

Nearly 40 people have died after receiving coronavirus vaccinations in Switzerland. This is stated in the government report on the pandemic and vaccination.

The document refers to 37 deaths that followed some time after people were injected with the drug. Doctors have carefully investigated each case and, as follows from the interim official conclusions, none of the deaths are associated with vaccinations.

The average age of those who died was 84, most of them suffering from serious illnesses before the procedure was performed, the report said.

The Swiss authorities emphasized that all deaths would have occurred regardless of whether the person was vaccinated or not. They were the result of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as complications from other infections.

No evidence has been found that the vaccination was the cause of death.

Earlier, it became known about the number of deaths in Europe after vaccination with a vaccine from AstraZeneca. The deceased was found to have thromboembolic complications. In several countries, vaccination with this drug is temporarily suspended.

After that, the pharmaceutical company re-examined the test data of the drug and lowered the indicator of its effectiveness.