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The Austrian Chancellor spoke about the possibility of registering Sputnik V

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus infection COVID-19 “Sputnik V” can be registered in Vienna at the national level if the approval process at the EU level takes too long.

He announced this during a live broadcast on Instagram.

“Of course, there is an opportunity to do this at the national level, if it takes too long at the European level,” Kurz said.

Kurz noted that all procedures at the European Medicines Agency take a very long time. In his opinion, including in this regard, Europe lags behind in the issue of vaccination from the United States and Great Britain.

Earlier, the Austrian Chancellor said that the government of the country in the coming days will discuss with doctors the possibility of self-registration of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus “Sputnik V”.

Bayern wants to buy 2.5 million doses of Sputnik V

The authorities of the German federal state of Bavaria are ready to purchase 2.5 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine if the drug is approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA); a preliminary supply agreement will be signed with R-Pharm in Illertissen on April 7. This was stated at a press conference by the Prime Minister of the region Markus Zeder.

“The Minister of Health of Bavaria has concluded a preliminary contract with the company in Illertissen, which will be signed today. We are talking about the supply of “Sputnik V”: if it is allowed in Europe, then Bavaria through this company will probably receive an additional number of doses in July. That’s 2.5 million doses, ” Zeder said. According to him, this will expand the region’s ability to vaccinate the population against coronavirus.

Zeder added that production of the Sputnik V in Bavaria could begin within this year.

In Paris, restaurants were drawn 300 protocols for clandestine work during a lockdown

In Paris, over five months of strict quarantine, they drew up 300 protocols against restaurants that were caught clandestinely receiving visitors.

As Le Figaro writes, this was reported by the French Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Restaurants are not allowed to host guests from October 30, 2020. Since then, 7345 inspections have been carried out, which resulted in 300 reports of violations. At the same time, it is not specified whether we are talking about 300 different establishments.

The department said that checks are carried out in the same way throughout the country. “There is no such thing that there is an elite who can continue to feast, and other people who are checked. The rules are valid for everyone,” Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen said on the air of Europe 1.

A spokesman for the Alliance Police Nationale said more than 5.5 million inspections had been carried out nationally since mid-December, resulting in nearly half a million reports on “many hundreds” of restaurants.

The issue of the underground work of the establishments became actual against the background of reports that a number of restaurants allegedly systematically violate the ban on receiving guests and that several ministers are their clients.

On Sunday, the prosecutor of the Republic said that an investigation had been launched into these reports to find out whether parties were actually organized in the “closed” restaurants and who were the organizers and participants.

According to the current rules, restaurateurs face a fine of 500 euros for clandestine work and a one-time loss of payment from the “coronavirus” support for the business fund. Guests are subject to a €135 fine for visiting a “closed” restaurant.

The EU announced plans to produce 200 million doses of the vaccine per month

The European Union will be able to produce about 200 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine per month starting in September, the Commissioner for Internal Market Affairs Thierry Breton said. This is written by Le Parisien.

He recalled that in January, the European Union produced 14 million doses, in February – 28 million, in March – 60 million. In the next quarter, Brussels expects to reach the target of 100 million doses.

“In the summer, the figure will be 120 million, and starting in September, we will reach a cruising production speed of 200 million,” Breton said.

The European Commissioner said that in the second half of the year, the European Union will have about 800 million doses of the drug.

In Europe, 40 million people were infected with the coronavirus, 28 million recovered, and 925,000 people died.

Scandal: Czech Deputy Prime Minister called Russia to build nuclear power plants

The opposition demands to dismiss the Minister of Industry Karel Havlicek for ignoring the demands of the special services

Five opposition parties in the Czech parliament are calling for the removal of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Trade, and Transport Karel Havlicek, who invited Russia to participate in the construction of a new unit of the Dukovany nuclear power plant.

This was reported on April 1 by iDnes.

The parties “Pirates”, TOP 09, “Measures and Independence”, the Civil Democratic Party, and the Christian Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People’s Party recalled that for national security purposes, the Czech intelligence service demanded that China and Russia be excluded from the tender.

However, the Russian energy giant Rosatom was among the four potential partners of the nuclear program, along with EDF (France), Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (South Korea), and Westinghouse Electric (USA-Japan).

“Minister Havlicek bypassed the government, bypassed the agreement that was in the hall of the Chamber of Deputies, and invited Russia to the so–called security review,” said the leader of the “Pirates” Ivan Bartos.

He also recalled the scandal with the dismissal of the government commissioner for atomic Energy Yaroslav Mila, who opposed the participation of Rosatom in the program.

In turn, the chairman of the Civic Democratic Party, Petr Fiala, called Russia’s admission to the project “an extremely dangerous and short-sighted step”, as well as” games with national security and the future “ of the country. He also recalled that the Kremlin is trying to strengthen its position in Central Europe in every possible way.

Earlier, another scandal broke out in the Czech Republic-President Milos Zeman demanded to dismiss ministers who oppose the simplified legalization of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus “Sputnik V”. The opposition called him an imbecile for this.