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In Myanmar, 83 people were killed in clashes during the day

In Myanmar, 83 people were killed in clashes between protesters and security forces during the day. This is reported by the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners in the country.

“As of April 10, 701 people have been confirmed dead at the hands of the military junta,” the report said.

A day earlier, human rights activists reported 618 dead. 3,102 people are under arrest, 63 have already been sentenced to prison, and 656 arrest warrants have also been issued.

On April 5, 568 deaths were reported.

Earlier, the UN warned about the danger of civil war in Myanmar.

On February 1, the Myanmar military conducted a coup. They explained the removal of the country’s leadership by large-scale fraud in the elections held in November. The police accused the ousted leadership of violating the laws. Myanmar has declared a state of emergency for a year.

Pompeo said that Biden’s words about Putin are only “name-calling”

Former US Secretary of State and possible presidential candidate Mike Pompeo said that President Joe Biden’s words about his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are just “name-calling”, not supported by deeds.

“If you put America first and back up your expressions with real deeds, not just rhetoric and name-calling, then you have a much better chance of success,” Pompeo told Fox News Thursday.

At the same time, when asked whether he considers Putin a “killer”, like Biden, Pompeo said that Putin’s past service in the KGB of the USSR “speaks for itself.”

Earlier, Biden, when asked by the media whether he considers his Russian counterpart a “killer,” replied that he did. He also noted that Putin will “answer” for alleged interference in the American elections. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined to clarify whether Biden’s words about Putin were “metaphor”. She added that the US President had previously stated that he would “not hold back” in expressing his position either indirect contacts with the Russian leadership or in public assessments. Putin commented on Biden’s words, wishing him good health and reminding him that evaluating other people are like looking in a mirror. He also invited Biden to chat on Friday or Monday live.

Biden in an interview calls Putin a murderer

US President Joe Biden said he considered Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer”. He said this, answering a question from ABC News presenter George Stephanopoulos.

The question concerned an investigation into cyberattacks involving Russia and an intelligence report that identified Russia’s attempts to influence the outcome of the US presidential election.

“You will see the price he will pay soon,” the US president said of Putin.

Biden recalled a meeting with Putin, during which he told him that he had no soul.

The US President answered in the affirmative to the journalist’s clarifying question about whether he considers Putin to be a murderer.

As reported, US National Intelligence has established that the Russian Federation was trying to influence the US presidential election in 2020 by denigrating Joe Biden and backing then-President Donald Trump.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is preparing a package of sanctions against at least three foreign states that have attempted to interfere in the presidential elections and parts of the United States Congress last year.

German elections: How serious is the CDU’s failure?

In the elections to the Landtags of Baden-Wurttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, the CDU party showed the worst results to date. In Baden-Wurttemberg, the Greens won (32.6 percent), while the CDU won 24.1 percent. In Rhineland-Palatinate, the strongest party was the SPD (35.7 percent), while 27.7 percent of voters voted for the CDU. The European press believes that the first elections of this rich year for the upcoming elections allow us to judge a lot.

A bad sign for autumn

The CDU should be seriously concerned, says the BBC’s Germany correspondent Damien McGuinness:

“The CDU’s results in the last election were much worse than expected. This is blamed on the party’s policy in the fight against the pandemic. The growing number of infections and prolonged vaccination have clouded the mood of the electorate. In addition, the people are outraged that some conservative MPs received a commission from government transactions in the process of purchasing masks. Merkel herself is still popular. But with only six months to go until the end of her chancellorship, the current election results do not bode well for her party in the upcoming Bundestag elections.”

This is the payback for scandals

As Dnevnik notes, the reasons for the defeat are obvious:

“Politicians who did not adhere to anti-epidemic measures, as well as deputies who demanded a large commission for mediation in the purchase of masks, are to blame for the outcome of these elections. Despite the fact that the CDU/ CSU has consistently responded to the transgressions of its parliamentarians, who eventually had to withdraw their parliamentary powers, the party’s reputation has suffered irreparable damage-especially since it is still unclear whether there were isolated cases. If at the beginning of the year it still seemed that the CDU could look forward to the autumn parliamentary elections with optimism and that it was more about who would become the next chancellor — Armin Lachette or Markus Zeder, now the situation has changed radically.”

The greens will still make a noise!

The publication Dagens Nyheter writes that for the success of the Greens in the elections in Baden-Wurttemberg, first of all, we should thank the head of the land Winfried Kretschmann:

“The success of the Greens in Germany is no doubt due to the collapse of the SPD and the problem of global warming. But the party grew significantly even when the “realists” replaced the fundamentalists in the party camp. Undoubtedly, there are still supporters of bans and those who oppose free trade in its ranks, but in general, the Greens are no longer afraid of economic growth. And no one has embodied this change better than Kretschmann. … He combined his concern for the climate problem — and the realization that hundreds of thousands of jobs in the German automotive industry cannot be replaced in the blink of an eye. … If, in the future, the Greens and the CDU can once again rule in Baden-Wurttemberg — and maybe Berlin — it means that nothing is impossible for their counterparts in Sweden, either.”

Sputnik vaccine scandal in Slovakia

In Slovakia, the SAS coalition party has put forward a demand for the resignation of Prime Minister Igor Matovic by March 24 and otherwise threatens to withdraw from the coalition.

This is reported by Noviny.

The ultimatum from the SAS came despite the fact that the resignation of Health Minister Marek Krajci last week seemed to have already opened the way to a way out of the political crisis.

SAS leader, current Economy Minister Richard Sulik. He said that Igor Matovich and the previous head of the Ministry of Health failed to fight the epidemic and called the prime minister’s policy “chaos”.

“This prime minister divides society, he is in conflict with the president, with scientists, with local authorities, and the media … We can no longer support the Matovic government, “ Sulik said.

At the same time, the party opposes early elections and does not demand to give the post of the prime minister to another political force.

“We do not question that the position of prime minister belongs to OaNOAno, and if they nominate a worthy candidate, for example, Finance Minister Eduard Heger, we are ready to discuss it,” Richard Sulik said.

Recall that Heger was temporarily assigned the duties of the Minister of Health after the resignation of Marek Krajci — it was he who granted emergency permission to use Sputnik.

The political crisis in Slovakia was triggered by the government’s purchase of 2 million doses of the Russian coronavirus vaccine.