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Scandal in full swing: Erdogan vs. Macron

Erdogan called Macron mentally ill. In doing so, he referred to the statements made by Macron in connection with the murder of Samuel Pati and stating that Islam is in crisis. In the relation between Ankara and Paris, exacerbations have been observed more than once — for example, over Libya, the gas conflict in the Mediterranean Sea, and the current conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. What in this sense can a new scandal mean?

Erdogan makes himself a victim again

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, there is a political calculation behind Erdogan’s rhetoric:

“Erdogan is too eager to resort to we are the victims’ narrative and accuses Europe of racism towards Muslims. Not a word about the crimes that have ever been committed in the name of Islam … by the self-proclaimed ‘warriors of Allah’. But these are not just deeply religious people who, perhaps, do not accept the secular world and cannot get along with it, but murderers, often with a criminal past, who only cover up their crimes with religion. … Macron is right in his call to rebuff the enemies of a free society. And the authoritarian Islamist Erdogan, of course, immediately sees freedom of expression as a culture war against Muslims. And all his ranting has clear political goals. “

Muslims believe they are under Christian occupation

The Naftemporiki edition picks up the arguments used by Islamophobes and the far-right, and itself takes the numbers from the ceiling:

“In the 21st century, more than 70 million Muslims live in Europe, including Russia and the European part of Turkey. Of these, about 18 million live in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. … The first thing that those born will learn is that they are living ‘under the Christian occupation’. … In France and Belgium, this kind of ‘catechism’ has taken on incredible proportions, as evidenced by the number of young people who have traveled to Syria and other countries over the past five years to, together with other Islamic State mercenaries, ‘fight the infidels.’

EU must react harder

Brussels should clearly show Turkey where the red line is, writes El Pais:

“This conflict is not only bilateral. In addition to the question [of exploration for natural gas] in the Mediterranean, Erdogan is betting on an aggressive foreign policy that in many ways leads to conflict. … The Islamist-nationalist dialectic, which led him to sharply criticize Macron’s legislation in relation to jihadist ideology in France and to the idea of getting used to his unauthorized role as a defender of the faith, all this only adds to the list of problematic points. This position is unacceptable and the EU is obliged to react with all the toughness.“

Erdogan urged to boycott French goods

Muslim countries should boycott the import of goods from France. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said this, Turkish media reported on Monday.

According to Erdogan, the leaders of all countries must also confront Islamophobia in France.

He noted that racism and fascism are a new trend in Europe.

Note that earlier Macron spoke about the need to create, together with the local Council of Muslims, an organization that would help build “enlightened Islam” in the country. According to him, it is necessary “to free Islam in France from foreign influence and tighten control over the financing of mosques.”

The conflict between Greece and Turkey erupts again

The dispute between the countries around the sea shelf subsided after the withdrawal of Turkish ships, but now they have been returned.

Turkey and Greece are again in conflict over the dispatch of the Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis to the Greek sea shelf near the Greek island of Kastelorizo.

The dispatch of the ship became known on Monday, October 12.

In response, Athens and Paris announced a provocation by Turkey and demanded that this issue be considered at the EU Council meeting.

In Ankara, they also stated that their ship conducts reconnaissance in 15 km from Turkey and 425 km from the Greek continent.

“The Greek Foreign Ministry in its statement today put forward unfounded claims that are incompatible with international law. It is unacceptable to object that our country with the longest coast in the Eastern Mediterranean operates 15 km from the mainland,” the statement said.

Ankara expects Athens to “give up its maximalist demands and stop the exercises and military actions that increase tension in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

Recall that Turkey has decided to conduct seismic surveys in the disputed waters in the eastern Mediterranean Sea near Cyprus, despite protests from Greece. Athens was supported in this issue by the EU, in particular by France. The dispute subsided when Turkey withdrew its research vessel, but now it has been resumed.

Prince William was not thinking about Prince Harry’s personal happiness, but rather himself

Western media have repeatedly written that Prince William was deeply concerned about his younger brother’s decision to marry Meghan Markle so soon, whom he dated for just over a year before getting engaged. But, as historian Robert Lacy writes in his new book Battle of Brothers: The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult, in fact, William was not thinking about his brother’s personal happiness, but rather about himself.

William himself, as you know, met with Kate Middleton for a long time, until he proposed to her, and believed that his brother should not rush. Then he expressed concern about the decision of his younger brother, however, according to Lacey, he pursued personal goals.

For many years, he arranged for Kate to “interview”, as when applying for a job. So Harry couldn’t help but wonder if William really cares about his personal happiness, or if he, as usual, thinks about the reputation and fate of the “company”, whose boss he will one day become. Harry’s answer was very harsh and offensive to him,

  • the historian writes in the book.

He adds that the brothers viewed this marriage differently.

For William, this was of great importance: it was about the future state of his monarchy, while for Harry it was the love of a wonderful woman who finally became the meaning of his life,

  • he notes.

The brothers’ relationship is said to have gotten worse after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step down from the royal office and move from the UK. According to royal sources, their communication has practically disappeared. The brothers themselves nevertheless deny the conflict and call all reports about it false.

Europe continued to conflict with Apple

The European authorities continued to “fight” with Apple in court, appealing the previous decision of the EU Supreme Court, which sided with the corporation and allowed it not to pay Brussels 13 billion euros, writes Reuters.

The head of the EU antitrust authority Margrethe Vestager announced the filing of the complaint, who called the proceedings important in terms of attempts to force multinational corporations to pay taxes on an equal basis with everyone.

The essence of the original lawsuit was an attempt to recover from Apple the amount of income tax allegedly underpaid to the Irish budget. According to the European Commission, Dublin has provided unreasonable benefits to Apple for several years, lowering the rate even compared to the current 12.5 percent tax on trade income.

As a result, the effective rate for Apple and other digital companies that receive revenue from the sale of content was 9.5 percent, compared with 23 percent of the average tax that most European companies pay.

Ireland often serves as a place of registration for digital companies due to the fact that the rate in force in this country is one of the lowest in Europe. Such companies have the opportunity to pay income tax at the place of registration since the sale of products is not tied to a specific territory.

This approach raises claims from the EU and US authorities, which are competing for the right to levy taxes from leading digital companies. In some European countries, taxes on digital companies have been introduced since 2019, the basis for which is not profit, but the proceeds received at the expense of residents of a particular state.