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Jennifer Lopez reveals who came up with her famous nickname

The 51-year-old pop star was one of the first in the celebrity world to shorten her name to a few letters. In a new interview, she finally revealed who inspired her to do this. It turns out that the authorship belongs to the late rapper Heavy D., who helped J. Lo record his debut album On the 6. By the time of its release (1999), Jennifer Lopez was already famous as an actress.

“Heavy D. often dropped in the studio when I was recording my first album and called me Jenny-Lo, Jennifer-Lo or J. Lo,” the singer told InStyle magazine. “When I was working on the second album, I decided to call it J. Lo, and I think that’s when the nickname stuck.”

Judy Greer, who shone with Jen in The Wedding Planner, remembered that the star was called Jen-Lo on the set. A romcom with Matthew McConaughey in the lead male role was released in January 2001. In the same year, Lopez admitted in an interview with the Chicago Tribune that she owes her nickname to fans: “I come to MTV or somewhere, and there are always kids with posters of J. Lo. It’s kind of like street terminology, and it seems to have stuck. “

The hacker who hacked Musk, Gates, and Bezos was imprisoned

The teenager, who was found guilty of organizing a massive hacking of celebrity Twitter accounts, was sent to an American prison. According to the Tampa Bay Times, 18-year-old Graham Ivan Clark was sentenced to three years in prison.

It is noted that the hacker, who gained access to the accounts, including the head of Tesla Elon Musk, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, made a deal with the investigation and pleaded guilty to all charges.

After three years in prison, the young man will be on probation for another three years. At the time of the crime, Clark was 17 years old, in connection with which he escaped more severe punishment — for an adult American, the minimum prison term for such charges is 10 years. That is how much he can face if he breaks the law during the probationary period.

A cracker is also prohibited from using computers without permission from the police, and only under the supervision of law enforcement officers. He also agreed to conduct searches of homes that he may own and will give out passwords for all accounts he has created. Clarke also transferred all bitcoin cryptocurrency earned from the fraudulent scheme. The amount was about 117 thousand dollars.

One of the largest hacker attacks on the social network occurred on the night of July 15, 2020. The list of victims of the young hacker includes former US President Barack Obama, incumbent President Joe Biden, rapper Kanye West, businessman Michael Bloomberg, Apple and Uber corporations, and many others. In each of the profiles, approximately the same entries appeared: users were asked to transfer to their bitcoin account the amount that they were promised to return in double the amount.

Cristiano Ronaldo sent his cat for treatment on a private jet

Two years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez got a Sphynx cat named Pepe. It is reported that the animal is exclusive — there are only about eight such cats in the world. The footballer bought his pet for 3,000 euros.

But a few days ago, trouble happened to him — the cat was hit by a car in Turin. Cristiano spared no effort and money for Pepe’s treatment and sent him on his private plane to Spain.

In addition to the cat, Georgina and Cristiano are raising four children. Three of them were born with the help of surrogate mothers. And recently there were suggestions that Ronaldo proposed to his girlfriend …

James Franco settles sexual exploitation lawsuit against him of sexual exploitation

The girls who accused James Franco of sexual exploitation entered into a pre-trial agreement with the actor and refused to claim.

American actor James Franco has settled a lawsuit by former students of his film school Studio 4, who accused him of sexual exploitation, reports Variety. According to the publication, two of the plaintiff, Sarah teeter-Kaplan and Toni Gaal — agreed to abandon their claims. The parties entered into a pre-trial agreement, while the financial terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

A class-action lawsuit against Franco was filed back in 2019. According to the plaintiffs, Franco, during master classes on shooting erotic scenes, forced his students to participate in explicit scenes in front of the camera, was angry at actresses who refused his sexual experiments, and promised roles in his films to those girls who agreed.

“James abused his power and exploited girls who dreamed of becoming famous,” said Sarah Teeter-Kaplan, one of their former Franco film school students.

Earlier, the actor’s lawyers called the girls ‘accusations untrue:” These statements are false and inflammatory, legally unfounded and incorrectly filed in the form of a class action. This trial is a travesty of justice and the culmination of a dishonest campaign that has unfairly tarnished the hard-earned reputation of a decent man.”

40-year-old Paris Hilton is getting married for the first time

Paris has been dating businessman Carter Reum for about a year, although they have known each other for more than a decade.

Paris Hilton is getting married! The 40-year-old star got engaged to her lover, 40-year-old businessman Carter Reum. The marriage proposal was made by Carter on a private island, where the couple went to celebrate Paris ‘ birthday. The engagement ring with an emerald, which Room gave to the bride, was made by Jean Dosse, the great-grandson of the legendary jeweler Louis Cartier.

Paris wasn’t married yet, but she’d already been married three times. In 2002, she became engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw, but the wedding never came. In 2005, Hilton announced her engagement to Paris Latsis, the grandson of Greek shipowner Yannis Latsis. The engagement was called off five months later. Finally, in late 2017, Paris got engaged to actor Chris Zylka. In November 2018, Paris announced that she and Chris had split up.

We hope that Paris will be lucky this time! Hilton herself does not doubt this: she calls the groom her soulmate and is already preparing to create a family with him. She wants to give birth to twins (a boy and a girl) and has already started the procedure of in vitro fertilization (IVF). “I am very excited about moving on to the next stage of my life. I believe that family and children are the meaning of life. I haven’t experienced this before, because I didn’t feel like I’d met someone who deserved this kind of love from me, but now I’ve found this person,” Paris said.