Boris Johnson said there will be no deal with the EU on Brexit

The EU does not intend to change its approach to negotiations on a new relationship with London after Brexit. Britain is ready for this, the prime minister said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday, October 16, that London will prepare for a scenario of no trade deal with the EU after the Brexit transition period, Sky News reported.

“Given the EU’s refusal to engage in serious negotiations over the past few months, and the fact that this summit seems to have strongly rejected the possibility of a Canadian-style trade agreement, I have come to the conclusion that we must prepare for our relations (with the EU) will more resemble those existing between the EU and Australia, “the prime minister said.

Johnson said that due to the fact that the EU does not agree to such an option, businesses, carriers, and travelers need to prepare for major changes in relations between the two sides from January 1.

“As far as I can tell, the EU has abandoned its intention to conclude a free trade agreement. We do not see any progress from Brussels and tell them only one thing:” Please come to us if your approach changes fundamentally, “Johnson said. …

The British Prime Minister stressed that London does not intend to yield to Brussels if the latter wants to continue to restrict the kingdom’s freedom in determining the rules for fishing and developing its own legislative norms, which will not be harmonized with European law by default.

In turn, the head of the European Council Charles Michel said that the EU will not change its approach to negotiations with the UK on a new relationship after Brexit.

We will remind, on the eve of the EU summit called on the Union countries to prepare for Brexit without reaching an agreement on trade.

Boris Johnson regretted the lack of progress in negotiations with the EU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson regrets that the parties have not made significant progress in the last couple of weeks during the negotiations on the trade deal with the EU. The head of the British government made such a statement after a telephone conversation with the head of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen.

“The prime minister noted the desire to close the deal, but expressed disappointment at the lack of progress over the past two weeks,” Johnson’s office said in a statement.

UK and European Commission to discuss Brexit talks on October 14

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will discuss on October 14 negotiations on future relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union. This was reported on Tuesday by Reuters with reference to the office of the head of the British government.

“They [Johnson and von der Leyen], during a conversation earlier this month (October 3), agreed that they will be in close contact during the negotiation process,” the statement said.

The United Kingdom and the European Union have previously acknowledged that negotiations on the deal are difficult, and there is less time until the end of the year when the Brexit transition period will end. Johnson in the past set October 15 as the deadline for reaching an agreement (on this day in Brussels, the EU summit is scheduled). According to him, it makes no sense to continue negotiations beyond mid-October.

Johnson warned of the threat of extinction of 1 million plant and animal species

Up to 1 million plant and animal species are threatened with extinction.

According to the office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday night, the head of the British government will issue such a warning at the UN summit on biodiversity, which will be held on Wednesday evening.

“Almost 70 percent of the world’s animals have been lost in the last half-century — a lifetime for many of us, but only a moment by the standards of evolution. Up to 1 million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction,” said Johnson in a speech distributed by his office.

The head of the British government warned that the disruption of the natural balance would have “catastrophic consequences for the economy, climate, food security, public health and all the [UN] sustainable development goals.

He called on the international community to act in a coordinated manner to halt biodiversity loss. Earlier this week, participants in the event for UN leaders pledged to take active action to protect nature.

The British Government made a commitment to bring the area of protected areas from 26% to 30% of the United Kingdom’s area by 2030. Last year, the UK also announced the creation of the Global Ocean Alliance, which supports the creation of protected areas in 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. At present, in addition to the United Kingdom, its members are Belize, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Finland, Gabon, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, and several other states. Now the agenda of the international initiative 30by30 (“30% by 2030”) also suggests that the world’s countries should turn 30% of their land area into protected areas by 2030.