Switzerland imposed sanctions against Lukashenko

The Swiss government has imposed sanctions against President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. This is stated on the website of the country’s government.

The report says that it was decided to impose financial sanctions and a ban on entry to Switzerland and transit through this country for 15 people, including Lukashenko. The authorities emphasize that in this way Switzerland is joining the decisions adopted on November 6 by the European Union (EU).

It is also noted that the persons against whom the sanctions were imposed “are allegedly responsible for the acts of violence and arrests committed after the presidential elections in the republic.”

In addition to Alexander Lukashenko, the list includes his eldest son Viktor and 13 other people, including the head of the presidential administration Igor Sergienko, the head of the KGB Ivan Tertel, the president’s press secretary Natalya Eismont.

Also, the federal council decided to include in the resolution on the listed sanctions the introduction of an embargo on weapons that can be used for internal repression. Switzerland expressed concern about the tense situation in the republic and called for dialogue between the government and civil society.

In early December, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas threatened the regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko with new sanctions if the situation in the country does not change. The politician stressed that the EU countries will expand restrictive measures if the Belarusian government continues “to rely on truncheons instead of an honest national dialogue”.

The European Union imposed sanctions against 40 Belarusian officials on October 2. The country’s President Alexander Lukashenko was not included in the initial list; sanctions were imposed on him on November 6. They also touched upon 14 Belarusian officials. Their assets will be frozen, they will be banned from entering the EU.

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