Switzerland comes out of quarantine despite rising in COVID infections

The government acknowledges that the situation with the infection remains unstable and has even worsened, but believes that the risks are low.

The Swiss government has announced a further easing of the  quarantine, despite the deterioration of the COVID-19 disease situation in the country.

This is reported by Reuters.

From next week, restaurants will be allowed to open outdoor terraces, in addition, they will be allowed to hold sports events with an audience.

Cinemas, theaters, and concert venues will also open from Monday, April 19, but some restrictions will remain — visitors will have to wear and keep a safe distance from each other.

Universities and adult education centers will be able to resume full-time classes with the same restrictions.

Why did stop being afraid?

The decision to start lifting the restrictions came despite the government admitting that the infection situation remains unstable and has actually worsened in recent days.

“Despite the increasing number of cases, we can cautiously start opening up, thanks to testing and vaccination,” said Health Minister Alain Berset.

According to him, people are tired of quarantine, and the most vulnerable segments of the population are already vaccinated.

“First, thanks to the weather, we can go out more. Secondly, most of the most vulnerable segments of the population have already been vaccinated. We believe that the risk is justified, “ the Minister said.

Berset added that the government wanted to find an acceptable way out of the crisis, as many people had reached the limit of their abilities after 14 months of restrictions.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Germany, the government, represented by Chancellor Angela Merkel, has asked Parliament for temporary powers that will allow the introduction of a nationwide lockdown.

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