Swiss President appreciates Putin’s directness

Swiss President appreciates Putin's directness

Swiss President Guy Parmelin said that he appreciates the directness of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, with whom he held a bilateral meeting on June 16. Parmelin said this in an interview with the broadcaster RTS, broadcast on Thursday evening.

“President Putin has a quality that I appreciate: he does not beat around the bush, but immediately gets down to business and conveys his thoughts. He listens and responds. There is an exchange of views, but in an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere, “ the Swiss President shared his impressions.

According to him, the Russian leader “does not like everything that is too much decorum and excessive protocol, and seeks to get to the point.”

Sharing his impressions of the first minutes of the -US summit at the Villa La Grange in Geneva, Parmelin said: “ and talked for five minutes, and I immediately felt that everything was going well between them, between people.”

The Russian-American summit was held in Geneva on June 16. The two heads of state were warmly welcomed by Parmelin. At the end of the Russian-American talks, the presidents of and met.

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