Swiss authorities explain dozens of deaths after vaccination

Nearly 40 people have died after receiving  vaccinations in Switzerland. This is stated in the government report on the pandemic and vaccination.

The document refers to 37 deaths that followed some time after people were injected with the drug. Doctors have carefully investigated each case and, as follows from the interim official conclusions, none of the deaths are associated with vaccinations.

The average age of those who died was 84, most of them suffering from serious illnesses before the procedure was performed, the report said.

The Swiss authorities emphasized that all deaths would have occurred regardless of whether the person was vaccinated or not. They were the result of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as complications from other infections.

No evidence has been found that the was the cause of death.

Earlier, it became known about the number of deaths in Europe after with a from AstraZeneca. The deceased was found to have thromboembolic complications. In several countries, vaccination with this drug is temporarily suspended.

After that, the pharmaceutical company re-examined the test data of the drug and lowered the indicator of its effectiveness.

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