Sweden expelled Huawei from the 5G network

The Swedish Communications and Telecom General Directorate has suspended Chinese concerns Huawei and ZTE from participating in the expansion of the 5G network in the country. Thus, Sweden joined such countries as Great Britain and the USA, which decided to keep Chinese concerns away from their most important infrastructure facilities. This decision is justified by the fact that Chinese authorities supposedly force large concerns to cooperate with security authorities. The Swedish press welcomes this decision.

An example to follow

Despite the partly negative consequences of such a decision, Sweden has sent an important signal, — says Dagens Industri:

“Uninitiated people are unable to assess security risks, espionage is also possible without technical equipment on the ground. Commercial risks are also high. The less competition, the more expensive the new 5G technology will be for an average consumer. It is impossible to isolate China. But one agency is absolutely right: it does not point to some secret reasons — and does not hide information. The Office is clear and unambiguous, and this should be an example to follow. Openness promotes knowledge. … In addition, transparency is a tool that only democracies can use — China does not have such a tool.

Let’s give it to the whole world!

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reminds us that from the gate turn to China gave and such countries as the United States and Britain. The publication also hopes that the domino effect is possible here:

“The more countries follow this example, the less the risk of aggressive response from Beijing. If a sufficient number of countries say no to firms affiliated with the Chinese intelligence services, then perhaps the Chinese government will review its practices with respect to companies. The fact that Sweden — which itself is comparable in size to a Chinese city on average — has given a turn to China from the gate does not play a big role here. But the entire single European Union — and hand in hand with countries such as the U.S., Canada, and Australia — this answer can be very powerful.

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