Spy scandal: detained agents served in intelligence in Bulgaria and Russia

During a special operation in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, six people were detained for espionage in favor of Russia. All of them previously served in intelligence.

Reported by The Sofia Globe.

One man was detained near the Russian embassy while trying to escape.

Prosecutors said a group of men led by a former senior Bulgarian military intelligence official had built an intelligence network to spy for Russia. They recruited people who had access to the state secrets of both Bulgaria and NATO.

The head of the “Resident” spy group worked as a teacher in the Military Intelligence Service of Bulgaria. He was educated both in Bulgaria and in Russia. He even worked for the Russian GRU. It is known that his wife had dual Bulgarian-Russian citizenship.

The rest of the group also previously served in Bulgarian intelligence. One of them worked in the Ministry of Defense of  — in the department that was responsible for planning the budget of the department.

All six detainees were charged with espionage.

During the searches, computers with classified information and cash in envelopes were found.

As reported by the Bulgarian media, the country’s law enforcement officers detained several people suspected of spying for Russia.

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