Spanish COVID-19 Cases Could Be Three Times Higher than Official Data

Spanish COVID-19 Cases Could Be Three Times Higher than Official Data

became the first country in Europe to cross the threshold in a million cases. The Prime Minister says that this figure could be many times higher.

has recorded a record of 20,986 cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 1,026,281. Reuters reported on Friday, October 23rd.

At the same time, 34,521 Spaniards died of the coronavirus. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that since not all cases of the disease are detected, their actual number could be more than 3 million.

More needs to be done to combat the pandemic, he said, but he did not announce new measures, only urging citizens to act responsibly.

“If we don’t stick to the measures, we put the lives of those we love the most at risk. What we need to do is to reduce mobility and social contacts. There is no other solution,” Sanchez said during a televised address to the Spaniards.

Recall that is considering the introduction of a curfew due to the epidemic. In some regions of the country, including the capital, the situation with the coronavirus has worsened. The authorities admit the tightening of the quarantine.

It was also reported that an entire province is being isolated in Spain due to the coronavirus. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Navarra, with a population of about 650 thousand people, about 25.8 thousand cases have been identified.

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