Spain will not allow eviction of socially unprotected citizens “on the street”

A temporary ban on the eviction of socially vulnerable citizens without providing alternative housing will be adopted by the Spanish government. This was reported on December 2 by the Spanish Broadcasting and Television Corporation (RTVE), citing sources in the coalition government.

The ban will be in effect during the emergency mode. The authorities of the autonomous communities will be responsible for providing the evicted citizens with “alternative housing”. It is said that housing should be “decent”, it should not be hotel accommodation.

In the event that a socially unprotected family lives in an apartment owned by a large homeowner (more than ten apartments), the authorities will be able to look for alternative housing within three months.

The status of a “socially unprotected person” will be assigned by social services, based on a special report. The courts, prior to making a decision on eviction, will be required to request the person’s status in the social service.

Earlier, the second Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias announced that another law would be adopted — banning the shutdown of utilities until December 2022. However, no has yet been reached on this law in the Spanish coalition government.

Note that the emergency mode was announced in on October 25 and will be in effect for six months.

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