Spain pardons Catalan separatist leaders

Spain pardons Catalan separatist leaders

Catalan politicians were jailed “not for their ideas” but “for their actions contrary to democracy,” says Prime Minister Sanchez

The Spanish government has officially pardoned nine Catalan leaders involved in organizing and holding a referendum on the independence of the region in 2017.

This is reported by El Pais.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez called the day “a new page for dialogue.”

“On this day, we are extremely optimistic about the future. We want to open a new time for dialogue and reunification and put an end to confrontation once and for all. Spanish democracy is now showing its greatness. We will turn this page and return to the path that should not have been turned away, ” Sanchez said on June 22.

He said Catalan politicians were imprisoned “not for their ideas” but “for their actions that are contrary to democracy.”

The prime minister called on the Spanish and Catalan leaders to ” focus all their efforts on improving the lives of citizens.”

Thus, the Catalan separatists, who were previously sentenced to 9-13 years in prison for sedition and/or embezzlement of state funds (they were spent on organizing the referendum), will be released.):

— former Vice-President of the Generalitat of Catalonia and ex-Minister of and Finance Oriol Junqueras (13 years);
— ex-press secretary and adviser to President Jordi Turul (12 years);

— Former President of the Parliament Carme Forcadell (11.5 years);

— Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Institutional Raul Romeva (12 years old);

— Former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Bassa Ball (12 years old);
ex-Minister of Territorial Development Josep Rull (10.5 years old);

— Ex-Minister of the Interior Joaquim Forn (10.5 years old);
ex-President of the Catalan National Assembly Jordi Sanchez (9 years old);

— President of the public organization Promnium Cultural Jordi Kuixart (9 years old).

The pardon will be conditional — under the terms of the deal, Catalan politicians cannot comment on the decision for five years.

Recall that on October 1, 2017, a referendum on secession from Spain was held in Catalonia, where 90.18% of those who voted voted for the independence of the autonomous community. In the world, these results were not recognized, and the organizers of the vote were detained.

The former leader of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, fled from Spain to Belgium, but after the European Parliament deprived him of parliamentary immunity, and a warrant was issued for his arrest at home, he surrendered to the local prosecutor’s office.

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