Spain isolates an entire region due to a pandemic

Authorities in the Autonomous Community of Navarra in northern Spain have decided to impose restrictions on entry and exit from the entire region to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. This is stated in a message published on Monday on the website of the government of the autonomy.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Navarra, with a population of about 650 thousand people, about 25.8 thousand cases have been identified. The restrictions will take effect on October 22 and will be valid until November 4. “The main announced measure is to restrict entry and exit from the Autonomous Community,” the press release said. In addition, the Navarran authorities have decided to temporarily close all cafes and bars.

Spain is among the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. In the kingdom, about 975 thousand infected were identified, almost 34 thousand patients died. In mid-March, the country was put on high alert to contain the spread of the infection. This measure made it possible to restrict the movement of residents throughout the country. The regime ended on June 21.

The rate of spread of the coronavirus in Spain began to skyrocket again after the relaxation of restrictions in the country. In this regard, the regional authorities of different autonomous regions are forced to reintroduce stricter quarantine measures.

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