Spain has abolished the wearing of masks on the street

Spain has abolished the wearing of masks on the street

In Spain, from June 26, the mandatory wearing of on the street is canceled. This was stated by the Minister of Health of the country, Carolina Darias.

She noted that protective equipment can not be worn, provided that a distance of 1.5 meters is observed between people. At the same time, still need to be worn in public transport, shops, and a number of other places.

Currently, in Spain, it is mandatory to wear in all public places. For violation of the resolution, a fine of 100 is threatened.

Earlier, restrictions on the were relaxed by and Austria.

In France, since June 17, the mandatory wearing of masks on the street has been canceled. In addition, since June 20, the curfew has been lifted in the republic. Previously, citizens had to return home by 23.00.

So, from July 1, nightclubs will open in Austria. Since July, people are allowed to wear regular masks in public places instead of FFP2 masks. The curfew is also being lifted. The authorities said that after July 22, they plan to remove all remaining restrictions.

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