SpaceX launched a new group of Starlink satellites into orbit

SpaceX launched a new group of Starlink satellites into orbit

The reusable Falcon 9 first stage successfully landed on a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean. It was used to launch for the tenth time.

The U.S. company SpaceX has successfully launched a heavy launch vehicle Falcon 9, which has put into orbit the next batch of 51 mini-satellites to continue the deployment of a global network of Internet coverage Starlink. The company announced it on Twitter on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 14.

The launch took place from the U.S. Force base in Vandenberg (California) at 20:55 Monday.

The Falcon 9 reusable first stage successfully landed on the floating platform, Of Course, I Still Love You in the Pacific Ocean 8 minutes, 46 seconds after the rocket launch. This was the tenth time the Falcon 9 stage has been used for a launch.

In total, this is already 31 launches of a group of Internet satellites into orbit since May 2019 as part of the Starlink project. The SpaceX orbital constellation now consists of 1,789 spacecraft. The company is currently the largest satellite operator in the world.

In the future, SpaceX plans to deploy an orbital constellation of 12 thousand spacecraft of this type (and subsequently — from 30 thousand) to create a full-scale network, which will provide the inhabitants of the Earth broadband Internet access anywhere in the world. The total investment in the project is estimated at $10 billion.

Earlier the founder of the company SpaceX published a video in good quality, which shows the landing of the rocket Falcon 9. Just a few hours of video watched by about three and a half million users.

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